30% of The Vehicles Will be Converted to Electric Cars by 2030: Advisor to PM

Advisor to the Prime Minister on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam has that 30 percent of the vehicle system in the country will be converted to electric cars by the year 2030.

Addressing a news conference, he said that an Electrical Vehicle Policy will be devised within fifteen days under the direction of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The Advisor said this step will prove to be helpful in bringing a significant reduction in the import of oil and will also improve the environment and help deal with the challenge of smog in winters.

He said the government is focused on making Pakistan an exporter of electric vehicles within a period of five years. A vehicle examination system is also being introduced in the transport sector to check the condition of vehicles, he said.

To a question, Malik Amin Aslam said that the 10 billion tree tsunami is a project for Pakistan’s bright future. He said the project is also receiving appreciation by the several international institutions.

Aslam said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has given the green signal for adopting electric cars and green economy initiatives.

The prime minister, while chairing the first meeting of the Committee on Climate Change, was presented a comprehensive and detailed briefing on researches made on environment-friendly impacts and economic benefits of electric cars.

The Prime Minister has directed to form a policy and mechanism for adopting electric-cars within 15 days, he added.

The Advisor explains,

There has been a trend that around 60 percent of the world countries started shifting automobiles to modern electric cars which release around 70 % fewer emissions. However, countries like China and India among others have set targets for 2030. Therefore, the prime minister has been apprised to devise a mechanism for setting up targets and policy-making to adopt electric cars. There are four major benefits of electric cars: the import of oil will be reduced and the country will be able to save US$2 billion in terms of oil expenses, eco-friendly technology to reduce vehicular emissions to a reasonable level, opportunity to become electric car exporter like China which is a leader in this market, it can help generate green economy.

Lithium Ion batteries are another potential component in green energy solutions which is getting cheaper day by day and has become a useful technology applied in electric cars.

“We are working to introduce Lithium Ion batteries in the market and will start manufacturing them where the existing battery producers could easily chip in this technology. The CNG stations will be transformed into E-car charging stations,” he added.

The committee meeting was a high profile session where chief ministers of all the provinces, Gilgit-Baltistan, Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir, commerce, planning ministers and other stakeholders participated.

  • Another pipe dream from the PTI. What happened to that offshore oil and gas discovery? Why would a soon to be oil rich country try to convert its cars to electric ones?

    • To save the environment for ourselves and future generations, even oil rich nations are converting to fossil free sources of energy. Electrification of automobiles and roads has many uses and benefits which help the economy, such as reduction in pollution, as well as adding new sources of energy to the grid. As cars move, that energy can be used to power up homes and other cars. We are already late in this area.

      • Endorsing your comments, suggest Digitalisation of Urban/Public Transport, which includes railways likewise use Renewable Energy for which I seek to suggest/recommend the Honorable Prime Minister in Paris for an international conference to bring an Honored Change to Transport in Pakistan, where we see Coach/Mini Bus Mazda model late 1970’s model diesel/CNG whose roof is used for passengers, many holes in the bus, foot board stair to enter is altered estimated height to climb the first stair is 2.5 feet to which the passenger has to climb in the bus, where a bus/coach ticket is not issued at all in Karachi, where is the transport regulatory authority in Karachi? Karachi should essentially have a bicycle track properly policed to be exclusive for bicycle, not motor cycle. The e-Bicycle companies from China will license the bicycle for rental for ride on the track in Karachi.

  • awam ka apna tel nikal rha tha jab daku thay …….. aur ab yeh nikal rahay hein ………. ek naya shaska

  • Thats a very good and futuristic approach. Waiting anxiously for a good electric car in Pakistan.

  • Do you think people are fools Mr. Prime Minister? You asked us to pray and wait for a major oil discovery. Which turned out to be a castle in the air. Your railway minister claimed billions of rupees profit. Which also turned out to be false. We elected you because we were fed up of lies and corruption of previous regimes. Now your government has started to lie and i hope we dont see any scams or corruption cases. You plan for 2030, which is a good initiative, but do you know Renault has shelved plans to enter Pakistan. Most new entrants will be launching unaffordable automobiles. There are no affordable cars for the masses. The industries present here sell overpriced vehicles. Now you joke that we need electric vehicles. This statement made any where else other than Pakistan would make sense and would be appreciable. In Pakistan, the most affordable (sarcasm) car is (was) Mehran. Our public transport is a mockery. Please fix these things first. Prioritise basic needs of common people. Dont forget your promises. It seems you haven’t noticed anything about government or governance when you were in opposition. Now you are acting as the most confused leader in the whole wide world. I will not be voting for PTI ever again. I will stop voting at all.

    • Why is the government not divulging the complete details of the aid received from various countries? Why is the IMF deal not tabled in parliament? What is that the government is hiding? What was the actual outcome of PM’s visit to various countries? Why there is so much secrecy? I am not a fan of any political party, but why is this government keeping the public in dark? We voted for transparency. But every descion is either an u turn or shrouded in secrecy. What is actually going on. Why is the PM jumping the gun? Take the case of oil fields, where the PM claimed that it will change the course of this country. Is our PM making utopian statements to hide the truth or his own incompetency?

  • A very good initiative. Will definitely help reducing pollution as well as saving economy. There is a big opportunity to charge the vehicles from solar energy as well.

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