Corning Reveals Astra Glass for Monitors and Laptops

Corning, at the three-day display week event in San Jose, California, launched its newest product called the Astra Glass. Corning’s Gorilla glass is its star product that is being used on most Smartphones around the globe. Recently, its 6th iteration was revealed which will continue to be the choice of screen protection for every flagship model.

Corning’s Gorilla Glass has been owning the market for the last 12 years and none of the competitors could come close. The glass presents an ideal balance between scratch resistance, drop resistance and flexibility. Till now, this glass was a smartphone-exclusive thing but after the launch of Astra glass, it is clear that Corning wants to conquer the market outside the Smartphone world as well.

About Astra Glass

Astra Glass is a variant of the Gorilla Glass that’s designed for larger displays which include, tablets, laptop screens, and television screens. According to Corning, the glass is specifically engineered to not hinder screen performance, resolution and brightness. We will see the same balance between scratch resistance, drop resistance and flexibility found on Gorilla Glass.

Astra Glass is made for high resolution and pixel density screens like 8K displays. Corning executive Ham Yim, during the launch, said, “bring 8K resolution to larger devices and sets – low total pitch variation, low total thickness variation, and low sag.”

It’s a separate use case as monitors and laptops aren’t used nearly as much as smartphones and thus require a different type of glass for protection.

The company is positioning the Astra glass towards premium offerings, thus, the products featuring Astra glass protection on the display will be pretty expensive. High resolution displays are becoming the trend and Corning wants to be ahead of the curve with the Astra Glass.

At this point, we have no idea when we will get the first Astra Glass product and what monitors or laptops are compatible with it, but we’ll hear more about it later this year.

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