Pakistani Family Wins Award at First AI World Championship

A Karachi-based family, the Mayets, has claimed the Technology Award at the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) World Championship. They made a device named Cavity Crusher that employs AI to monitor the brushing routine of a child.

They participated in the junior division of the AI Family Challenge in the AI World Championship held on May 16-19 at Santa Clara, US. The championship was for the families who use AI to solve problems in their communities.

The family’s coach, Sana Mehmood, also got recognition for her efforts to train them. Whereas, the family has also received other awards like the Social Impact Award and Inspiration Award.

It needs to be mentioned that more than 140 coaches from all over the world participated along with their teams. However, only six were shortlisted as finalists belonging to Bolivia, Pakistan, Spain, Uzbekistan, and the US.

Cavity Crusher

The device’s algorithm monitors the brushing time to ascertain a child’s oral hygiene habits. It notifies the parents if the child is not spending enough time on brushing. Earlier, the family designed a model that recognized images of tooth brushing.

However, numerical data was more effective in getting accurate results.

Season 2 of the championship will start in August 2019 while submissions will be due in February 2020.

About AI World Championship

The event is a culmination of the AI Family Challenge, a program initiated by Iridescent, a global technology, and engineering nonprofit organization. The program is for families with children aged 8-15. The championship gives exposure to leading technology companies, workshops, and panels for developing technology and professional skills.

Via: Samaa