Leading Cleric Says Hoarding Dollars for Profit is a Grave Sin

Renowned cleric Mufti Taqi Usmani has said that purchasing dollar in the current economic situation to hoard and selling it at a later time to make a profit out of an increase in dollar’s value. He says that not only is this disloyalty with one’s country but also a grave sin as hoarding is forbidden in Islam.

He stated in a tweet that those involved in hoarding are cursed by God according to a narration of a Hadith.

Notably, Pakistan has been facing an acute economic crisis because of its diminishing foreign exchange reserves and persistently depreciating currency.

Since a deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been finalized, the dollar has witnessed an increase of over Rs.10 within a few days. The value of the dollar stands at Rs. 153 in the open market.

However, some people are leveraging the situation by hoarding dollar, as its value is expected to increase further and thus would bring these people a hefty profit.

Because of the hoarding, the rupee is devaluing further and worsening the already alarming situation.

  • Good Point : Bus Molana Tariq Jamil Bhi Keh Den ” to Awam Dollar Bahar Pheenk Degi

    Good Keep it Up Molana Sahab :

      • Agar Ye Molana Keh Dete ” To Bohat Kuch Ho Jaye Pakistan Main ”
        People of Pakistan follows the Molana Rules :

      • Yeah it’s a really bad idea to secure your wealth. We should let the government steal it from us!

    • Poor Nation is already bearing the brunt of unemployment, higher taxes, cost of living, poor socio-economic situation for the last thirty years. Its the 1% feudals who have to show their fidelity with the country this time not the Nation.

  • Exactly. They can even publish a verse/Quote from the Book as well. So hypocrite especially our so called Maulanas. Why dont they directly talk to nawaz, zardari , they got a humongous amount of dollars sitting in their accounts right at this moment.
    And what about giving fatwa to qadyanees. Maulana Tariq jameel, out of no disrespect to him, has never passed a any fatwa against them. Hypocrites.

    • Persecuting religious minorities will increase dollar outflow. It’s also backward and barbaric.

  • One of the sensible fatwas, I have ever heard! Even though it was understandable that doing so will harm our economy but it indeed is a positive sign.

    • Jab K Middle Class Lower Class K Pas Dollar hai He Nahi
      Even i & My Family & Friends Never Bought Dollar for Reserved at Home

  • Dear Pakistanis, First become an independent nation by paying back loan, then show attitude and ego to the world.

  • What an idiot. People are hoarding dollars in order to preserve the value of their money. To do otherwise is to waste money which is a bigger sin! Even us unbelievers hate waste!

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