Xiaomi Launches a Smart Pet Feeder

Xiaomi is on to its 339th crowdfunding product and this time, it is targeting our pets. Xiaomi is all set to start shipping its $28 Smart Pet Feeder by June this year. The product is available for crowdfunding on Youpin at the moment.

This is not exactly a new product or something innovative, we have many smart pet feeders on the market, however, hardly any are available at such a reasonable price.

The smart pet feeder helps you take care of your pet even if you are out for work all day long. It not only provides food after regular intervals but also manages portions.

Design and Construction

The pet feeder looks like a fancy dustbin with a huge foot opener. We are not moonstruck by the design but since functionality matters more, it works just fine. The pet feeder follows Xiaomi’s typical minimalistic design, it has a textured white look with a black Asymmetrical strip on the top.

Coming to construction, the outer construction is done with ABS plastic and the bowl is made with food grade 304 stainless steel to limit bacterial growth.

On the inside, the first thing we see is a silicon fan like structure which actually works as a brush to prevent any cat food or dog food particle from clogging the whole system. The top cover has silicon locks for keeping the container airtight. This prevents the food from getting unnecessary moisture.

The container has a 4L capacity and can store up to 2 kgs of food. When the food is about to run out, the user is notified via a Smartphone app as well as through red LED lights around the food bowl that blink. The food served is in 6g servings.

The system has a small weighing machine at the bottom that regulates the portion size that the pet gets as well as keeping a track of the cat/dog food left.

Smartphone Connection

Since it’s a smart product, it can connect to your smartphone via a designated app. The application can be used to set the time interval between every food serving, keep a check on the food left, and increase or decrease the food portion, etc.

This smart pet feeder is the ultimate product to keep your pet healthy and content at all times.

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