OnePlus 7 Pro Camera Update Coming Soon

Despite improving on the camera front, OnePlus 7 Pro has received a lot of complaints on online forums for not being up to par compared to other flagships.

Fans complained that the camera was underperforming until it came to a point where Product Manager, Jimmy Z, finally responded to the forums.

Jimmy confirmed that the next update will bring major camera upgrades, including “HDR effect and NightScape 2.0 mode” tweaks. The update is going to roll out within a “week or so”.

The camera team have been working all the time on analyzing and fixing issues. Every system update contains code from camera of improving the camera quality. I believe some of you receive an update when you got your OnePlus 7 Pro. That’s a significant update for camera and I think you don’t want to miss it. Moreover, we are working on the next update which is going to be rolled out in a week or so. This update contains improvement on the HDR effect and Nightscape mode, and more tweaks based on some feedbacks from you and reviewers. From our test, photos look substantially better

The Product Manager also said that they closely monitor the feedback and take it seriously.

A lot of users in the forums responded positively and overall, it is nice to see that OnePlus truly listens and is trying to make their products as good as they can be.

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