Govt Launches Pakistan’s First Official Moon Sighting Website

Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Fawad Hussain Chaudhry, has launched Pakistan’s first official moon-sighting website and Islamic calendar.

The launch ceremony took place at Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) on Sunday.

Addressing a press conference, the minister announced that according to the lunar calendar, Eid-ul-Fitr 2019 will be celebrated on Wednesday, June 5, while Eid-ul-Azha will fall on August 12.

Chaudhry also notified the dates for Eid celebrations for the next 5 years.

“As per the Islamic calendar,” he said, “the next four Eids will fall on May 24, 2020, May 3, 2021, April 22, 2022, and April 10, 2023.”

He lauded his team of experts who prepared the calendar, stating that it included important dates for five years (from 2019 to 2023).

The website named, ‘Moon Sighting Pakistan’ not only contains a day-to-day five-year Islamic calendar next to the dates from Georgian calendar but it also lets you check the position of the moon.

The website contains scientifically determined dates for all major Islamic festivals/days for the ongoing and coming years.

“The online portal (both website and mobile App) will bring an end to the moon sighting controversies and duplication of Ramadan and Eidain for good,” he said.

The minister refuted the notion that the initiative was meant to diminish the roles of Ulemas, saying that their expertise will be needed in other aspects of life.

Official App Coming Soon

He urged on the use of technology for moon sighting and noted that the application would be available on Google Play Store from Monday (today).

“Through this application, the moon’s position over eight strategic locations would be mapped,” Fawad added.

The minister also mentioned that the proposal has been forwarded to the Council of Islamic Ideology and it would also be tabled before the federal cabinet on Tuesday.

He also declared August as the official Science and Technology Month.

  • Lack of Info :

    # No Details of Previous Years (To Check Data Is Correct or not)
    # No English Date Converter into Islamic Date
    # No Namaz Time of Current & Coming Year
    # No Sehri Aftari Time of Current & Coming Year
    # No Contact Details of Email Phone Etc


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      • Chand Allah ke marzi chal raha hain AP kaise Pata laga sakty hain chand ke Umar kab puri hue hain plz socho sb ap log

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          Aap itna na he socho toh acha hai.

    • Dear Wahab,
      No offence. Please Take something for positive sometime. Critics are good but with solutions and suggestions we can get so much. I appreciate what is being introduce.

    • Why u care for previous years they were decided by Munib doorbeen and most likely were wrong. Birth of moon is a NISHINI from Allah and there is only one moon for our world.

    • You’re such a confused soul Abdul Wahab, it’s a moon sighting website and it’s doing “what it says”. May your IQ RIP.

  • May 24, 2020, then May 3, 2021….. Seems a huge difference in number of days or is a typo mistake..?

  • It too technical, need to make it end user oriented, so every one can understand easily.

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    • i looked at the press conference of fawad ch …… just heard it for 2 mins and it was not bearable ……..
      the way he defined the birth of moon from the ‘internet’ was same as he discovered helicopter tariff @Rs.40/-
      he said that when then altitude is 6.87%, then the moon will be visible …..
      altitude is in %? …….
      yes, he is the minister for science and tech.

  • NABI P.B.U.H nay farmaya ke” chand dekhay bghair roza na rakho or chand dekhey bghair rozay khatam na kro agar matla abar alood ho to 30 rozay pooray kar lo” hum nay to inhi hidayaat ke mutabiq ramadan shooro bhi karna hai or eid bhi karni hai

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    Mufti muneed Allah say chand daikhnay ka license lay kr nahi aaya
    Govt ka kam hai chand daikh kr annunce krna. Pehlay mufti kr raha tha, ab Wazart e mazhbi amoor kray ghi
    Jahilo kabhi iss baray may socha hai k chand toh aik aam banda daikh kr bhi annunce kr day toh eid ho jatee hai. Jab iss mulk may islami nazryati councel hai , Mazhbi ammor ki ministry hai toh aalag say moon sighting commaitee or chairman ki kya zaroorat hai.
    Nawaz or zardari aisay he iss qoum ko choona nae laga gaye. Jahilo ki qoum hai.

  • can this calendar tell us how many consecutive months of 30 days there are in one lunar calendar year.

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