Sindh Education Department’s IT System Has Been Down for 15 Days

Sindh Education and Literary Department’s IT system has been non-functional for over 15 days.

Since the IT system is down, there is a possibility that the employees’ salary may also get delayed because the department’s biometric system is not working. The biometric details of several employees cannot be verified, which has disrupted the issuance of orders for salaries, pensions, and transfers.

Apart from the biometric system, the department’s website is also down. According to a source, the former IT official Shahi Abro allegedly erased the data of all the employees before leaving.


A four-member team will investigate the matter on the orders of School Education Secretary Qazi Parvez Shahid. Reform Support Unit Head Asif Ikram is leading the team which includes Monitoring and Evolution Director General Shahmir Bhutto and IT Assistant Professor Saein Daud Tunio.

The team has been tasked with the investigation of the cause behind the IT system’s failure and will suggest ways to restore it. The team will also find out whether the former IT head did this with criminal intentions.

The team is required to submit a report within five days. An expert team from a private IT company has also checked the department’s IT system, and said that the system has become entirely non-functional.

Via: Express Tribune

  • So they didn’t make backups and have no disaster recovery plan in place. They allowed on employee to erase the whole system so no access levels in place either.

  • and when they advertise for jobs regard IT their requirement mentioned . 5 year experience, Database expert , disaster backup and recovery expert , SQL expert , mysql, MSSQL ,Oracle plus hardware expertise and linux expert etc. .. it is situation in all department . what they advertise and who they appoint . here are no any opportunity for IT students . whole time in university is rata fication not any practicals.

  • IT system is down for 15 days. Ooops..!!! How ridiculous is this? My small website is well maintained even it is hacked. An Former IT Employee has erased the data before leaving. This is cyber crime and is punished under the Cyber Crime Act. You have not develop an IT Policy that is why you are facing this today. You stupid people deserved this because you have committed crime “a crime of negligence”.

  • hahahahaha…..bhayya ye zbrdsti bhutto, tunio, khoso, lasharion ko appoint karoge to yehi hoga na :P
    Karachi k larkay ab private sector me pooray country me bethe hain aur sind government RIP …lolz

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