Here’s What Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Will Look Like from The Back

In its previous models, Samsung seemed to always opt for a center aligned arrangement for its camera sensors. As evident from Note 9 pictured above. However, this might change in the upcoming flagship Note 10.

Since camera marathon in the Smartphone industry started, with every flagship, we see an increasing number of camera sensors. As the clutter increases, managing the space has become slightly difficult. We know Apple had a hard time arranging the camera sensors in its new iPhone.

Note 10’s Camera Arrangement

Recently, a schematic of Note 10’s rear camera was leaked. The leak showed the arrangement of the camera sensors; however, it does not show the placement of the flash neither does it show the shape of the “island” either.

Here’s a concept render of the Note 10’s cameras made by Phonearena.

The render is an educated guess of how the camera orientation and the flash’s positioning will be but we don’t know what Samsung will settle for in the end.

One thing that stands out in the schematic is that there is no heart rate sensor. Samsung did skip it in Galaxy S10 5G but not including it in Note 10 will be a surprising move.

It should be noted that the above render is not official and the official render might be very different from it (secretly hoping Samsung does not settle for a huge hump like Apple).