Huawei’s New OS Might be Called Ark OS

Huawei has been working on backup plans for themselves ever since they got blacklisted by the US. The company had confirmed that it is working on its own OS as an alternative to Android, and after several trademarks submitted by Huawei, we might know the name of that OS.

Earlier it was internally known as the HongMeng OS, but now we have evidence suggesting a different name. Huawei has trademarked 3 names with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), including Huawei Ark OS, Huawei Ark and Ark OS.

Now, this doesn’t officially confirm the name of the OS but considering that Huawei needs to accelerate the process due to the ban, it is highly likely that one of these names could be the official name for the new OS. Ark OS is a popular bet.

It’s not clear yet at what stage of development Huawei’s Ark OS is. The new OS is believed to be announced this Autumn.

There are no other details available about Ark OS yet, we’ll update you as soon as we get more info on it.

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  • ARK OS Easily Can Run Andriod Apps :

    LongLife Huawei

    RIP Google Philosophy (Ab Unko Pata Chalega Lose Ka)

    • The OS isn’t even out yet man. Can you stop speculating like it’s wildly successful even before it’s out? Did Huawei hire you as their professional mascot or something?

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        • Normally I’d agree, but his brain isn’t complex enough to develop common sense, let alone a syndrome.

          • he is right about the android apps! Developing a new OS is not a big deal for tech giant like Huawei but the problem is their eco system and app developers. why mobile windows is now a dead OS? just because they have lack of Apps and developers. The only thing is to make that easy by running android apps.

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        • When it releases you can be free to speculate all you like. You own a Huawei phone so I guess that makes you an expert on the company and all the mobile operating systems, but stop propagating false rumors because you watched a video on the internet. How about that?

  • I’ve read somewhere that the new OS by Huawei is 40% or 60% faster than Ando. & expected to be launched in October 2019.
    Huawei 5G is already ultra fast…
    Anyways let’s see what happened next.

    • Yeah? I read somewhere that Huawei’s OS is 10 billion trillion multiplied by googol times faster than Android OS and that the Earth is flat and lizard people run the world.

      You seriously believe everything you read on the internet?

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