SECP Introduces a Digital Transformation Project Called LEAP

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) is embarking on digital transformation, end-to-end process automation and enabling user environment for all its regulated companies, said the SECP Chief on Wednesday.

Sabazwari said the SECP’s digital transformation would improve service quality, promote transparency and enable efficient interaction for its customers. The SECP’s project for end-to-end digital transformation and automation is called “Leading Efficiency through Automation Prowess (LEAP).

The objective of the workshop was to spread awareness among market participants about SECP’s initiative and to get feedback and ideas from the stakeholders.

“The digital transformation is now a public sector imperative. Today’s citizens expect public services to be as personalized and responsive as the services they get from the private sector”, Sabzwari said and added that automation improves the public’s trust in government, and drives better citizen outcomes.

The chairman said the SECP encourages greater collaboration with the regulated companies by involving them in decision-making, policy setting, budget prioritization, problem-solving and the co-design of services.

This initiative will boost communication between SECP and the companies it regulates while providing them with a broader range of convenience-enhancing digital services.

He mentioned that the SECP is collaborating with key stakeholders to deliver beneficial digital services.

Sabzwari said the SECP has started providing system generated Memorandum and Articles of Association, digital payments through 1 Link and a one window facility for company registration.

Moreover, he said the SECP’s eService has been integrated with FBR, DOBI, PESSI/SESSI, Labor Department and Excise and Taxation Department of Punjab and Sindh.