Public Universities in Punjab to Go Solar by The End of 2019

In a bid to increase its reliance on alternative energy sources, the Punjab government has decided to shift all public universities in the province to solar power by the end of this year.

Punjab Energy Minister Dr. Akhtar Malik made this statement in a departmental meeting held on Wednesday.

In addition, 345 government schools in Dera Ghazi Khan Division will also be shifted to solar power by November this year, the minister said.

He maintained that once this stage is completed, hospitals and government offices will follow suit.


Punjab to Set up Solar Panels in More Than 15,000 Schools

Everywhere in the world, countries are shifting their energy needs to alternative energy sources and Pakistan should not be left behind.

Dr. Malik urged officials of his department to play their role in bringing the country out of the energy crisis.

The minister also approved merit-based fresh recruitments on vacant posts to increase the capacity of his department.

The meeting was also attended by Punjab additional chief secretary, energy secretary and representative of attached organizations.


Siddiqsons to Invest $110 Million in Solar Power Generation

The incumbent government seems determined to resolve the energy crisis of the country for good and has taken several effective initiatives. It is offering lucrative incentives to attract foreign investors to invest in the solar sector in the country.

Besides, it has also initiated several large and small solar power projects.

At the moment, 28 projects with a total capacity of 956.8 MW are under development within the framework of AEDB policies and procedures.

Via: Tribune