Govt Mulling to Link FBR With Chinese Tax Department

The government is planning to link the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) with Chinese state tax department under the Belt and Road Initiative Tax Administration Cooperation Mechanism (BRITACOM).

The Chinese government brought up the idea of BRITACOM to build interdepartmental relations with the tax authorities of the participants of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

In this regard, Pakistani Ambassador to China, Masood Khalid, has written a letter to the Foreign Office’s special secretary for the Asia Pacific region and director general for China.

The letter states that China has recently introduced the BRITACOM to set up interdepartmental linkages between the State Tax Department of the People’s Republic of China and the tax departments of different countries.

Pakistan’s envoy stated that presently, there is no pact between Pakistan and China. The Pakistani embassy in China wants to associate the Pakistani tax department with the Chinese department under the established mechanism.

The letter further asked the ministry of foreign affairs to assess the probability of setting up interdepartmental relations. The embassy also said that in order to link the FBR with the Chinese tax authorities, an official letter should be sent to China so the proceedings can be carried out.

The letter also asks the foreign office to include FBR’s response on a framework for establishing interdepartmental relations with the Chinese tax department.