AMD Announces New Radeon RX 5700 Graphics Cards

AMD has just announced its much-awaited RX 5700 series graphics cards. These cards are based on AMD’s new Navi architecture which they had been teasing for years. The two mid-range cards, namely the RX 5700 XT and the RX 5700, aim to take on Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 2060 and RTX 2070 respectively.

This news from AMD’s Next Horizon Gaming event at E3, where the company went into detail about what we can expect from these new cards.

Radeon RX 5700 XT

The RX 5700 XT will feature 40 compute units and 2560 stream processors with a peak performance of 9.75 TFLOPS. It has a base clock speed of 1605MHz and a boost clock speed of 1905MHz. The boost clock speed can only be maintained in short bursts, so the more realistic “game” clock is 1755MHz.

It will feature 8GB of GDDR6 video memory (VRAM) with 14Gbps of memory bandwidth. The 5700 XT is priced at $449 and is going to rival Nvidia’s RTX 2070, which costs $499.

Radeon RX 5700

The RX 5700 is the lower-end variant of the two. It features 36 compute units and 2304 stream processors with a peak performance of 7.95 TFLOPS. It has a base clock speed of 1465MHz, boost clock speed of 1725MHz and a game clock of 1625MHz.

It features the same 8GB of GDDR6 VRAM at a bandwidth of 14Gbps and starts at $379. The RX 5700 will compete against the NVIDIA RTX 2060, which is priced at $349.

There’s also a third card, called the Radeon RX 5700 XT 50th Anniversary Edition. It has the same compute units, stream processors and memory as the standard RX 5700 XT, but has a higher base clock (1680MHz), boost clock (1980MHz) and game clock (1830MHz). It will cost $499.

All of these cards will support features such as PCIe 4.0, DisplayPort 1.4 with Display Stream Compression, 4K HDR 144Hz or 8K HDR at 60Hz through a single cable, FreeSync 2 HDR, and more.

These GPUs will be on store shelves by July 7.

As mentioned earlier, these are the first two of AMD’s graphics cards based on their new Navi architecture. As these are mid-range cards, we can expect a high end and a low-end card in the same series from AMD soon. They will compete with Nvidia’s RTX 2080/2080ti and the lower end GTX 1660/1660ti.

We’ll keep you posted with more news about AMD’s graphics cards as they come.

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