Here’s How is Changing Pakistan’s Healthcare Sector

Recently, a nine-month-old girl, who suffered from just a minor stomach issue, died due to the misdiagnosis and false treatment by doctors in Karachi. She was taken to a well-known hospital located in a popular area. Her condition was stable but it got worse due to the wrong treatment. The condition deteriorated within hours after she was ill-handled. Doctors kept experimenting in different ways with different treatments. But the poor soul lost her life after battling for days while being in a comma.

This is not the only case of its kind. The point to highlight this incident here is that there are many people who face such difficulties on a daily basis. They are left to die because of poverty, lack of attention and awareness, and the indifferent attitude of the management of private and government hospitals. They are neglected as if they’re not human beings.

The unavailability of treatment, awareness and the lack of equipment at emergency sections of public sector healthcare facilities claim several lives almost every day. The situation is even worse when it comes to the handling of elders’ and minors’ emergencies. It is because people are still unaware of the right treatments and the right places to go where they can consult doctors.

Every day, someone’s father, son, daughter, sister or mother dies under similar circumstances and despite all the claims made, the government doesn’t pay any attention to this serious issue – poor patients are not treated well. Karachi’s hospitals are not able to meet the healthcare needs of the growing population of the city due to lack of equipment and doctors. It is about time the government allocated more resources and paid more attention to health-related issues. Preferably, before more people are left to die. But it has been a while, no one pays attention unless there’s retaliation.

We need to bring awareness to the people that many of the senior doctors and the ones they trust in the city are locally trained, who do not believe in “Continuing Medical Education”. Tricks of the trade learned years ago serve them fine and they continue to practice without attending any further educational events. These clinicians have gone for years without being challenged; there is no existing process, which examines and reviews their competency for conducting scientific, ethical and moral medical practices. Even if these regulations do exist they are hidden somewhere in the deep crevices of some bureaucrat’s office who is more than happy to ignore everything in exchange for some “worldly goods”. We have stopped being human, it is just about material things now.

Surely the people of Pakistan deserve better now. They have been suffering for ages, wondering when they’ll finally be able to trust someone for their good. Healthcare is a basic human right but in a country where individuals, on one end live a life of luxury and at the other end are starving, it does seem odd that common public is suffering due to a lack of health service provision. They are exploited by the hands of private service providers who are nothing more than “vultures” taking advantage of the non-existing medico-legal framework in this country.

By noticing all these setbacks people have been facing, Marham has been working on some improvements. Marham has changed the healthcare in Lahore and we decided to make similar changes all around Pakistan. From providing the basic platform for online consultations at your home, Marham has many novel services to offer. Pakistan has been experiencing a lot of setbacks since the beginning and healthcare is one of them. Undoubtedly, it will take a lot of time to improve everything but at least we have started trying.

“We decided to share the burden of those fighting a disease. We started with a small community on Facebook where people could help each other with information about health facilities, doctors, and their reviews. Thousands of people started joining the community and began sharing the information with each other,” says Asma Salman Omer (co-founder Marham).

We have taken some steps to serve humanity and to help people in better ways. In the situations we experience nowadays, even a little effort can bring smiles to the suffering individuals and their families. Marham only aims to improve the things which haven’t been in consideration before. Marham has been working in Lahore and we are trying our best to bring some improvements in the healthcare industry all over Pakistan as well. Next targets being the other big cities. We are still lacking in many areas as we have not yet accessed all doctors and hospitals that might want to help. Certainly, every experience brings improvement.

Previously managing all health-related issues online, Marham is planning to provide their viewers with a better informative platform now. The successful response on their group, forums and videos have convinced them to take a step forward which is ready to hit your screens. We provide the easiest way to reach us and even easier way to reach the doctors and hospitals on board with us. Call our helpline and get registered, if you are a doctor. If you are a patient you can also call on the helpline to book physical or online appointments.

“We believe in this era of technology, our people should not suffer as they do. We will establish more practices across Pakistan as well as penetrate the rural and underprivileged areas of Pakistan,” Asma concludes.

This is not all, we’re growing and coming with bigger plans!

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  • and you guys are ethical with 100% 5 star reviews of doctors on your site? How is it possible that a doctor got 241 reviews and not a single review is less than 5 stars?

    This means you’re scamming patients by providing them false feedback of a doctor.

    Shame on you

    • As far as i know, the doctors are rated on the basis of the reviews and feedback they get, i have a personal experience with them and this doesn’t seem fake at all.

      • In the real world, when the sample is so big, it’s not possible that every single review can be 5 stars. They have hundreds of reviews and not a single one of them is below five star.

        They are not posting any review that is less than 5 star. That means they are acting like the same people they have written negatively about in the Press Release.

        One party scams people by giving them bad medical advice, bad medicine and bad medical service. On the other hand Marham scams people by saying “EVERY doctor that gets a review is 5 star doctor” How is this serving patients? By misguiding them Marham is as bad as scam clinics, doctors and hospitals. Marham is literally acting like a scammer! By hiding not only bad reviews of doctors but also hiding any review that has less than 5 stars.

        • The thing is, we’ve started taking things only negatively. Obviously every department has flaws but at least appreciate how they’re helping people.
          I agree they should improve this rating issue but in my point of view we should look on a better side too. I’ve had a nice experience I’ve spoken up. Have you had any bad experience with them? If not, i guess this discussion ends from my side.
          Thank you!

          • They are helping people by NOT showing them any negative reviews?
            Do you hear yourself saying this?

            This is how they CAN help people: Start posting every legit review they get. So, patients know what kind of service they can expect from a doctor.

            I guess it’s easy to scam people than to show them the reality, which might affect Marham’s bottom line.

        • Also, a question, do you work for Marham? If yes, would it be ethical to disclose that before defending their wrong doings? No?

  • Lol good joke they only post positive reviews negative reviews are not posted. Don’t fall far reviews on marahm you will regret later.

  • Did you bother to read the reviews on their website?

    Even at first instance, I also had the impression that all of them have 5 stars but hey that’s so not the point you’re falling…

    If you could have looked a bit more closely and read those reviews, rather than developing such a strong and biased judgment, you would have realized that those stars are just a representation of review thing and in actual the review either it is positive or negative is published. So it’s not about *5 Stars*… try to come out of it and I’m pretty sure you didn’t read the reviews…

    Also, it’s the patients who have submitted the reviews and those are for other patients who actually are in NEED of those of reviews so they bother to read those rather than developing incarcerated biased judgments about a website… It’s a platform trying to help people, at least you can do is to appreciate their efforts and the good they have done.

    • Posting only 5 star reviews and rejecting any other review is FRAUD! They are misleading patients by showing them every doctor who got a review is a 5 star doctor.

      • The bigotry and bias are all so visible here. I am sure you didn’t read the reviews and neither the comment I’ve made above. It’s foolish to argue with a person who’s trying so hard to prove them a fraud and turning blind eye to what the facts are. Please, come out of your skin thick skin bother to read what I’ve said above.

        For God’s sake, it’s the patients who have submitted the reviews and those are for other patients who actually are in NEED of those of reviews unlike you so at least don’t litter a platform’s efforts in whatever the hatred you have for them.

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