These Are the Highlights from Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Address

Hours after presenting the first budget under his government amid the hue and cry from the opposition, Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke to the nation in a mid-night address.

The address, initially scheduled to be aired at 9:30 pm, was pushed to 10:30 pm but started only a few minutes before midnight.


In his 35-minute long address, PM Imran Khan started with highlighting the pillars of Riyasat-e-Madina-like model state and went on to thrash the parties which took turns in the past and left the country under a massive debt.


Pakistan Govt Needs An Alarming 91% of Its GDP to Pay Off All Debts

Here are the highlights of Prime Minister’s flamboyant address:

Shift in Focus

  • The premier said the opposition had, from the day one, never let him speak on the floor (of the parliament) because they knew he would talk about their corruption and the nexus of two parties.
  • He said that he spent the first nine months in the office coping with the pressure to stabilize the economy and to face off the fear of defaulting.
  • “Now that the country’s economy is stable, my focus would be more targeted towards bringing those to the task those who left the country badly in debt.”

Comments on Previous Govts

  • He reflected that in the last ten years (referring to the tenures of PPP and PML-N government) the country’s debt ballooned to Rs. 30,000 billion from Rs. 6,000 billion.
  • PM Khan observed that while the country sunk into massive debt, the wealth of three families touched the skies.
  • “When the debt was increasing, their wealth rose by 85 percent.”
  • PM Khan said Sharif and Zardari families made all their assets abroad by laundering the looted money.
  • Khan said: “Instead of explaining their past deeds, the thieves teamed up against PTI government and starting questioning the reason for the economic debacle in the country.”

Counter Offensive

  • Khan said he plans to go after the thieves who brought Pakistan to the point where half of the annual budget goes in servicing of the interest on those loans.
  • “My mistake is I didn’t cave under pressure and give them an NRO [National Reconciliation Ordinance]. The country fell into debt because of these NROs.”
  • Referring to the NAB cases, Khan said he had no hand in cases against the opposition so far, as they had been reaping what they sowed for each other, but vowed to make them accountable for destroying the country’s economy.
  • “The NAB cases are old. I didn’t start them. We weren’t in power when Panama or the case against Shehbaz Sharif was started.”

High-Powered Commission

  • Prime Minister finally announced to form a high-powered inquiry commission under his own supervision which will investigate how the country’s debt rose by 24,000 billion in just ten years.
  • Khan said the commission would comprise of members from FIA (Federal Investigation Agency), IB (Intelligence Bureau), ISI (the Inter-services Intelligence Directorate), FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) and SECP (Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan).
  • The commission will prepare a detailed report so that no one in the future dares to leave the country in tatters ever again.

Khan, the Unshakable

  • The premier said the opposition has only one agenda; “To obtain NRO by pressurizing the government.”
  • Khan said that he would not cave to pressure tactics because he does not fear to lose power. “The government is a small thing, even if my life goes; I will not leave these thieves. I had prayed to Allah for this one chance — I will not leave them.”

A Sneak Peek into Naya Pakistan

  • Reacting to the mega arrests in the past 30 hours, the prime minister said he was grateful to the Almighty now that the bigwigs of corruption are in jail, as no one could have imagined [it could be done.]
  • “This is the Naya Pakistan where the law is equal for both strong and weak. You will slowly see independence in institutions.”

Appeal for Taxes

  • PM Khan concluded his address by appealing the nation to trust the government and pay taxes because that’s what runs a government.
  • He said it was surprising that the Pakistani nation was number one in the world in charity but lagged far behind in taxpaying.
  • He also urged people to take advantage of his government’s last amnesty scheme and declare all their benami assets as, after the deadline of June 30, all non-declared assets will be seized.

  • I think PM has addressed the nation at the right time. 24,000 billion loan is huge and we are not seeing any progress or up gradation in the public and government sector. The law and order situation during PPP is upset. PPP is basically is covered thief and terrorist organization. They spread terror during their time and increase drugs usage and sell and also corruption. PML(N) has also worsen the situation. They take huge loans without informing nations and now crying for help.They are all cut cord criminals. They should be punished in exemplary way so that no one ever dare to do what they have done. Mr. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi during their PM Seat and has openly support Nawaz sharif, He was acting disloyal PM of Pak. They have betrayed with blood of our ancestor. We have made huge sacrifice in war 1947, 1971 and TTP Terrorism. I want to say that don’t forget their a war between good forces and bad forces since the evolution. We will not hesitate to punish you if we are allowed to do that. Our holds are stronger then iron and our passion is more deep then mountain. We are just eagle in faith and wolves in character, Just wait and see what PM is doing absolutely right.

  • Oh bhai pehlay humari Zakaat ka hisaab do, jo ISLAM ke naam par tum behun bhai harupp kar gai. #ZakaatChoorPM

  • Haha it’s funny seeing how enraged people are over having to pay taxes. Charitable nation? Yeah right, only if they can do chori of 1crore, they will give a charity of 1000rs and consider it as a rishwat to God.

  • Our PM has been watching too many Batman and Superman movies lately!!!

    One if the reasons the constant delay in address to the nation. The movie that day wa s3 hours long.

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