Momentum Conference is Building Pakistan’s Startup Eco-Sphere in a Different Manner

In recent years, a new global ecosystem has been forming which is directly linked to new ideas thought up by young entrepreneurs to revolutionize different industries through technology. In Pakistan, home to over 200 million people and one of the fastest growing economies in Asia, this new ecosystem has kickstarted a new startup culture. With an increasing number of 3G/4G users has also increased giving rise to an increased demand for digital services.

Considering it their responsibility to contribute towards society, various organizations and individuals have taken up the task of bringing together renowned technologists and big technology firms to share their ideas on a common platform. The startup community of Pakistan is pro-actively searching for opportunities to showcase their ideas to these industry leaders, investors, technologists, and tech champions seeking constructive critique to further refine their ideas into scalable and economical business models.

These conferences have been arranged by industry players across major cities in Pakistan, ranging from Abbottabad and Nathiagali to all the major metropolises. Such events not only provide a platform to these startups to present their ideas, but also educate them through workshops and training sessions on how to use existing Application Programming Interface (APIs) and data from servers of global and local organizations to create cutting edge solutions to fill market gaps.

Furthermore, self-made entrepreneurs, influencers, and social media activists also share their life stories, experiences, and journeys to inspire these startups. Marketers and representatives from renowned technology organisations, including Google and Facebook, explain how these visionaries can use their platforms to generate footfall and increase their user bases.

Startups attend such conferences and competitions for various purposes; some attend to seek guidance from industry specialists, while others seek networking opportunities and possible strategic partnerships that they can make with other startups or organizations. Some also look for investment from these investors and venture capitalists against a specific percentage of equity or shares.

In the recent past, events like the Tech Valley Conference, Lift Pakistan, and Digital Youth Summit are a few popular conferences in Pakistan. These conferences offer many opportunities; however, there was still a gap in the horizon of opportunities. This gap was filled by Momentum Tech Conference this year in its third edition.

During the two-day event, startups found all these opportunities for informative and educative interaction under one roof. They not only showcased and exhibited their ideas to jury members, global and local organizations, but also engaged in workshops, speaker sessions by technopreneurs/technologists, and one on one investor meetings.

It is a general perception that events like these are dedicated to startups and technologists, but this time around Momentum broke the barriers by incorporating segments that included a Career Expo, Hackathon, a session on fashion and technology, and a meet-up of influential women to share their struggles and challenges.

More than just a tech event for entrepreneurs, Momentum was the perfect recipe for capacity building, innovative learning and creativity. People from all walks of life attended the event and took back a plethora of lessons related to their fields of knowledge and expertise that would either change their lives and the way they think or would definitely add up to their career building.

Momentum Tech Conference first started as a quest to understand the growing challenges faced by the business and technology sector. This has now come a long way to providing a groundbreaking ecosystem of support to counter the challenges faced by the young visionaries who will become the leaders of tomorrow’s disruptive and innovative technologies. These conferences happen at the local level but still catch the attention of the international community due to the presence and firm endorsement of global firms.

The main purpose of the Momentum conference was to give startups a platform to exhibit their unique ideas; there was a total of $10,000 worth of cash prizes and products for them. The top 3 startups: EyeAutomate (visual GUI “Graphical User Interface” software), GoGhoom (online hotels booking service), EDVON Robotics (site dedicated to robotics) were awarded Rs 500k, Rs 300k and Rs 200k along with perks like access to tools worth $50,000 by Facebook’s 30 premier partners for growth and scale, $5000 worth credit by AWS, 3 months of mentorship and 1 year brand consultancy by OLX, goodies from Daraz and Sunra and Electric bikes for all winners.

The startup ecosystem, that is still in its development phase, is continuously improving by adopting techniques from global startup communities and learning lessons from the past. Momentum Tech Conference for one is already gearing up for its next installment next year in 2020 which, considering their past performance, is going to be even better than what was witnessed in the past and will bring more verticals to the itinerary. Through continuous innovation and improvements the whole industry moves forward, and that has been the vision of the founders of Momentum Tech Conference ever since its inception.