State Bank to Announce Registration of Rs. 40,000 Prize Bonds Soon

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has announced that the registration of Rs. 40,000 prize bonds will begin in the next few days. The State Bank of Pakistan will issue a circular announcing this within the next two days.

According to the media reports, the FBR also revealed that around 5000 people have submitted applications for the Asset Declaration Scheme.

In a statement, FBR said that the number of applicants for the scheme has been increasing over time. “The registration of prize bonds will help further increase the number of people applying for the amnesty scheme,” said the board.


Non-Filers Cannot Buy Cars or Immovable Property: FBR

The board added that it has collected the data of individuals who have purchased expensive and luxury vehicles while adding that the banks will also provide their data to the FBR by June 15.

Moreover, the FBR told that people can now obtain their economic data from the National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) after paying a fee of Rs. 500.

Via: Profit

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