TheDesk: Meet the Newest and Hottest Coworking Space in Islamabad

In just this decade, Pakistani freelancers and entrepreneurs have shown that they too have what it takes to become the best of the best. Despite limited support and resources, the Pakistani IT community knows that it needs to do a lot more in order to facilitate the growing participation of youth in the country’s startup industry.

These future entrepreneurs need the best resources, places, and networking opportunities so that they can interact with minds who are as hungry for solving problems and achieving success as they are.

To foster this a culture of continuous innovation, co-working spaces have stepped in. One of these co-working spaces, TheDesk, happens to offer a lot more than others.

It promises to fast-track the best innovators and entrepreneurs of today, by connecting them with companies and businesses that can leverage their skills, services and products for the optimum results.

TheDesk is supported by UnitedSol, a multi-specialty software company located in Islamabad.

UnitedSol Pvt. Ltd is one of Islamabad’s first software development companies, and the founding entity behind FMEextensions, an International Magento Solutions provider. Within the umbrella of UnitedSol, the organization has expanded its network of companies, providing innovative solutions to Pakistan’s business sector and providing a coherent and measurable pathway for Pakistani entrepreneurs to follow.

What Is TheDesk? was founded on the ideals of servicing Pakistan’s growing community of freelancers, entrepreneurs, overtime workers and other types of independent and self-employed workers.

The mission was to offer the best facilities, amenities, and features in the most competitive rates under one roof and help workers connect with new prospects in a vibrant atmosphere.

When all requisites were thoroughly checked and approved, the first office setup was established in I-9/3, supplementing Islamabad’s largest commercial sector with a strategically located co-working space.

Taking the location, its vicinage, availability of Metro buses and parking facilities were among the core objectives of the setup. To make sure the setup was on par with international standards, the interior is custom designed to satisfy the latest ergonomic needs of a modern-day office.

From high-speed Wi-Fi and dedicated desks, to un-compromised air-conditioning and complimentary tea, everything was carefully vetted to promote a dynamic co-working ecosystem that offers affordable, flexible and hassle-free occupancy options.

Diverse Occupancy Options

UnitedSol analyzed the unique requirements different independent workers have in their daily work operations. By Integrating these different work variables, the company designed tiered plans to cater every category of independent workers, starting from Part-Time, Dedicated Desk, to Private Office and Executive Suite.


Students, freelancers and over-time workers can avail Part-Time option that offers a separate desk, mailing and posting address, air-conditioned hall, high-speed internet access, printing and scanning facilities, hall concierge and tea.

Dedicated Desk

Independent workers who require relatively longer hours at work can opt for Dedicated Desk option. This includes all the features of Part-Time option with the addition of a bigger work desk, waiting area for clients and the privilege of special discounts for 6 months and 12 Month package holders.

Private Office

The Private Office option is a complete solution designed for SMEs that need a fully operational, wall enclosed office space for multiple employees. TheDesk offers packages ranging from 6 – 12 employee dedicated offices with premier facilities such as high-speed broadband, reception services, shared conference room, priority power backup, and parking space.

Executive Suite

For enterprise level clients, a fully serviced Executive Suite is available to match the corporate needs of a business organization. The Executive Suite package features a spacious room equipped with custom furniture, multiple Wi-Fi access points, private concierge, separate washrooms, back-up power generator, kitchen, employee mess, a dedicated parking spot and many other amenities.

Discount Privileges for Early Members

To further entice the community, UnitedSol is offering a range of discounts for early members to encourage the participation of young entrepreneurs who are often struck with budget constraints. To top it off, there are no additional fees, security deposits or any hidden charges in the program.

Stimulating Pakistan’s Entrepreneurial Drive

This Initiative is one of Pakistan’s first milestones towards a stronger and more diverse hospitality industry that serves not only the corporate sector but also the freelancer and independent working communities across the cities.

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