Pak Suzuki Launches the Newest 660cc Alto in Pakistan

Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited introduced its The All New Alto 660cc at a launch event held at Pak China Friendship Center in Islamabad.

The All New Alto has been developed keeping in mind the Pakistani customers’ needs of a compact yet high-performance utility-based car and it is fully equipped to cater to modern day requirements.

Highlights of the All New Alto

The All New ALTO is manufactured by Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited at the Bin Qasim Plant, Karachi.

It comes with a modern and sleek Hatchback Aerodynamic design. The product incorporates a high-rigidity, low-weight body that maximizes performance and is in line with the latest international trends.

It is equipped with an advanced R-Series 660cc Engine that optimizes Fuel Efficiency and provides extraordinary driving pleasure.
The All New ALTO also incorporates advanced SAFETY FEATURES i.e.

  • Dual Front SRS AIRBAGS.
  • Anti-Lock Braking System
  • Keyless Entry with Immobilizer

The All New ALTO is the first ever locally manufactured 660cc model that comes with the advanced safety features.

It comes with Powerpack Features like:

  • Electronic Power Steering
  • Electric Windows
  • Electrically Adjustable Retractable Side View Mirrors
  • Touch Screen Multimedia Player with Screen
  • Mirroring option

The All New Alto is compact, yet it boasts of spacious interiors. The All New ALTO comes with a Standard Warranty of 3 years or up to 60,000 kms (whichever comes first).

The All New ALTO will be on display at over 165+ Pak Suzuki Dealerships nationwide covering more than 95 cities where customers can witness the product and avail TEST DRIVES.

With a strong brand positioning coupled with Pak Suzuki’s reliability, the All New ALTO is all set to make an impressive debut on Pakistani roads. It is certainly THE CAR FOR THE NEW GENERATION.

Mr. SHUJI OISHI, Global Automobile Marketing- Advisor at Suzuki Motor Corporation, honored the launch event with his presence at the inauguration ceremony of the All New ALTO.

In his speech he apprised that Pakistan has always been an exceptional market for Suzuki, leading with a market share of more than 50% for the last two decades.

He informed that Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan, sees Pakistan as a dynamic market with great potential for growth in the years to come and SMC will introduce more innovative products in Pakistan in future

Mr. Masafumi Harano – MD & CEO Pak Suzuki Motor Company shared his vision that Pakistan is one of the fastest growing economies globally and the automobile industry is all geared to grow here further. Pak Suzuki has a major contribution towards technological advancement of the Automobile Sector and has played big role
in developing the largest domestic vendor base.

He reiterated that the new Alto will cater well to the new generation, and thanked Pakistan’s customers for making Suzuki their way of life.

Price of The New Alto 660cc

Launch Price of various variants of New Alto 660cc is as following

  • VX: 999,000
  • VXR: 1,101,000
  • VXL AGS: 1,295,000

These prices are inclusive of FED

Below are the pictures from the launch event:

  • There is no any oqaat of these stupid cars anywhere in the world including Japan itself. I dont know why this crap is allowed in Pakistan

    • because of no competition here, we have been using the design of mainstream bikes since Pakistan came into being how do you think we will see any difference in cars?

  • ok………..nice features,bad price and too ugly to look at,buy united bravo instead

        • I meant that you should start by buying Bravo instead of suggesting to us. We shall buy it once we receive a positive response to the product from you. Until then I am happy to buy the Suzuki

          • i have used mehran,cultus and margallah from suzuki.all of them are the same overpriced trash.bravo is receiving positive feedback from public that’s why i recommended it.i have seen many in my area.
            If you’re happy with suzuki then no problem.This was just my opinion .
            be happy and proud with your suzuki,i don’t mind.

  • Mehran was expensive 800 cc for 8 lac. Now people will buy 660cc at price of 1.3million. 1million for 660cc taht too without AC. Tabdeli wala naya Pakistan Mubarak.

    • What does Naya Pakistan has to do it with the greed of Suzuki.

      According to your logic Mehran was in Pakistan for last 30 years due to non tabdeeli wala purana Pakistan of Panama shareef?

  • ایک خوبصورت ڈبے کے بعد پیشے خدمت ہے ایک اور ڈینا……. Suzuki well aware with mentality of mentals……

  • Keeping in view hard work of Suzuki, with all due respect, when will you please release it’s road safety tests? And other thing as it’s mentioned NEW GENERATION CAR will you please go on and would like to go deep into the words? That’s really stupid to say NEW GENERATION CAR.

  • It is just another Mehran for Munafiq Pakistanis to throw their haram earned money on.

  • Biggest unveil of Pakistan they are calling it, it starts at 10 lacs which features no Ac, no speakers, no ABS, no spare tyre, no power windows, and what not, its poor built quality is evident from the fact the screws and nuts are visible inside interior, they never put those plastic cover on it, uneven gaps are present in the display units what happened to Quality control? Off course it will be the first 660cc car of Pakistan but would it be the first to offer crash test in Pakistan? I dont think so,
    so why not suzuki pack their bags and get the hell out of here with this ugly chameleon looking turd and never come back what they think of Pakistanis these mean piece of junk..

  • Good stunt to exploit the innocent Pakistani people. How Japanese companies are selling of more than Million Rupees???????

  • Japanese also loose ethics once they come to Pakistani Markets…Suzuki Pakistan is rubbish

  • Generation Next Alto is a full flop show with cheepest built quality for foolish us who ll pay on black money to buy it desperately.Once the ity Seda was at this price.Total Disappointment and a big failure with very high price tag.May God Bless us.where we r going ??Non Standardization???

  • So basically there is just United Bravo that is under 1 million price tag. All other cars in Pakistan now cost 1 million or more rupees or more.
    Seems like no one from all the auto makers is focusing on this price bracket.

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