Pakistan Among Countries With the Lowest Annual Meat Consumption

Despite vegetarianism gaining popularity across the globe, global meat consumption increases every year. Meat consumption is presently almost five times higher than it was in the early 1960s. As of 2017, meat production was recorded as 330 million tons.

Many reasons can be attributed to the increase in meat consumption like the ballooning population. Another factor behind the increase in meat consumption is rising incomes, which is one of the reasons some countries’ annual meat consumption is higher than others.

Contrary to the general perception that people in North America and Europe are trying to cut down on meat, the US tops the tables for annual meat consumption.

According to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the annual meat consumption of the US is highest in the world. Its annual consumption is recorded at 120 kilograms per person.

Australia comes second with an annual meat consumption of 111 kg per person. Pakistan comes way below in the list with annual consumption at just 14 kg per person. While India is generally considered a vegetarian country, its meat consumption per year is recorded at 4kg per person.

As for other countries, the meat consumption in the UK is 84 kg per person, Russia 69 kg, China 58 kg, Saudi Arabia 54 kg, Turkey 25 kg, and Indonesia 11 kg per person.

List of Countries with the highest meat consumption (kg per person):

  1. US: 120
  2. Australia: 111
  3. Spain: 97
  4. Israel: 96
  5. Canada: 94
  6. Italy: 90
  7. Germany: 88
  8. France: 87
  9. Brazil: 85
  10. UK: 84

Via: SpectatorIndex

  • All these countries are high pork consuming countries. And it’s impossible that Muslims countries rank behind despite that we all meat loving countries including some of the festives such as Eid, Shadi (wedding) and other ceremonies and gathering have meat get a special place. Further the meat consuming is reciprocal to population, hence the above doesn’t make sense at all.

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