SECP Proposes Mandatory Health Insurance for Private Sector Employees

Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan has recommended the federal government to introduce mandatory health insurance for private sector employees. According to SECP, the compulsory occupational health insurance scheme can be introduced by amending the 1968 West Pakistan Industrial and Commercial Employment Ordinance.

As part of the reforms related to the development of the insurance market, this move is aimed at covering full-time workers, including permanent, contract, and temporary workers and their dependents. The cost of the scheme will be borne by the employers.

The hospitalization benefit to each employee and their dependents is proposed to be provided on a cashless basis for network hospitals and on a reimbursement basis in case of out of network hospitals.

The mandatory health insurance will enhance the financial inclusion in Pakistan by making insurance accessible to those workers who have currently no health insurance.

  • There we go again, more unemployment, Now Employer will think twice before hiring, 2ndly the photo is super duper disgusting, showing un hygenic long Nails

    • Lets cut all the holidays, make salary half and cut down all benefits. In that way more employment will be created. The world is moving towards better benefits for employees and we have people like you who believe in “Saith company” system.

  • Firstly Employee Needs (Paid Leave) Annually / Monthly to avoid Stress & Depression :
    Mostly Company didn’t give any Paid leave to the Employee
    Secondly, give them Insurance facility with Employee Minimum Contribution

    • If its a corporate insurance they always pay, because they fear losing the corporate contract. I have been insured for last 8 years by different employers and not a single claim has ever been rejected.

      That is why the suggestion is for corporate insurance

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