Convert Your Display TV to a Mini Billboard with Nayatel Digital Signage

Nayatel, a conventional triple play Fiber to the Home service provider, is moving into the digital world with the launch of its digital signage solution. The diversified moves from a broadband operator, known for its quality services, comes at a time when telcos are feeling challenges of rupee devaluation, increasing costs and regulatory hurdles amid stiff competition.

Nayatel’s Digital Signage converts any TV to a mini billboard that can run photo and video advertisements besides streaming live TV and social media at the same time.

Digital Signage is widely used in restaurants, retail outlets, shopping malls, hospitals, offices, educational institutes etc.

Nayatel’s Digital Signage can also be used as an easy tool for co-branding and it eliminates standees and brochures at customer’s premises. Customers need to plug a small box to each TV set, get it connected with the internet, access the web-based customer portal, upload videos, pictures advertisements, etc., and that’s all needed to set up an electronic billboard.

Nayatel claims the solution to be the lowest in cost and highest in quality to engage the target audience with live digital advertisements and videos on multiple screens with a simple web-based management system. This system enables the users to select custom layouts and themes so that logos, tickers, special offers etc. can be displayed along with promotional videos at the same time.

Nayatel is planning to launch this product for global customers using e-commerce in order to bring export dollars to the struggling Pakistan IT industry.

  • Or just use a usb with your graphics/videos on autoplay directly to the tv.

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