Here’s What Sony’s Upcoming Phone Might Look Like

Despite the tough competition in the smartphone arena, Sony is not holding back from innovation in its upcoming phones.

If the recent leak is true, Sony is allegedly working on a phone with a total of 8 cameras, two on the front and six on the back. The official name of the phone has not been disclosed yet but the 6 camera setup will be a definite selling point for this smartphone.

The news for this unnamed Xperia phone came from a famous tipster Max J., who also uploaded some renders of the device. Apart from the 6 cameras on the back, the phone’s screen will be also taller than usual smartphones.

The leak did not come off as a surprise since we have already heard some rumors about Sony readying a six-phone camera last month. The renders are not final and are only a guess by the tipster, we don’t know if the final phone will look like this.

Camera Specs

Even though the final specifications might be different, we do have an idea of what camera specifications of this mysterious phone will be.

The phone will allegedly sport a 48 MP main sensor with a variable aperture of f/1.2 and f/2.4. The main sensor is suspected to be paired with a 12 MP camera with the same variable aperture in addition to 20 MP, 16 MP, 8 MP sensors with f/2.4 aperture.

There will also be a 0.5MP ToF sensor with the other cameras on the back, supposedly to improve depth perception for bokeh/portrait mode photos.

We don’t know the type of lenses being used in the rear camera setup, but it is common sense that there will be an ultra-wide sensor, a telephoto lens, and possibly a monochrome lens.

Moving on to the front, the phone will boast a 10 MP snapper paired with 0.3 MP ToF sensor.

Apart from cameras, the phone is expected to feature a 4K display with a 21:9 aspect ratio. The phone might be powered by a Snapdragon 855 processor.

  • Sony, Sony, Sony.

    More cameras is not the answer.

    Do something that is completely unqiue. Give the market an option that ties into the most valuable asset in the company.

    Deliver a PlayStation Phone, running on Ryzen/RDNA, with full support for PS4/PS5 titles, running on the PS5 OS, and powered buy the PlayStation Store.

    This may not be the answer to beating Apple, Google, and Samsung, but at least it would be improving/expanding your own ecosystem, and adding value to your OS, Store Front, Services, and Software.

    After all, what is the point in selling ~5 Million devices a year, at a loss of ~1 Billion dollars, while running a competitors OS, promoting their Store Front and Services over your own?

    Make a Sony device, and Sony fans will support you.

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