Islamabad to Get Pakistan’s First Intelligent Transportation System

For the first time ever in Pakistan, an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is set to be introduced by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to ease transportation-related issues. The system will be installed at the Islamabad Expressway from Zero Point to Rawat and the traffic will be monitored through this system particularly at the intersections.

Under this system, CCTV cameras, with static and Pan-Tilt & Zoom (PTZ), will be set up after every three (03) kilometers with a coverage of 500 meters along with the establishment of a Traffic Control Center (TCC). The TCC will be linked with field devices having backlight LED Video wall screens, video wall controller, video storage and core network switch.

One of the major components of ITS will be the electronic variable message signs, that will seek to boost road safety and decrease congestion with the help of real-time data on the Expressway including incident management, driver information, strategic diversion and roadwork. Internally, the ITS will be hooked with fiber optic cables which would be laid across the Expressway.

ITS will be able to identify cars and also count them and help manage traffic smoothly during peak hours. Another vital component will be the speed control, the Point to Point (P2P) will be used to identify speed limits through which the average speed for the points would be calculated. Other than this, weigh stations will be set up to inspect car weights alongside the Expressway and E-fine collection system will be established. High power gel batteries will be used as backup to counter any breakdown in the electricity.

To keep the general public in the loop about the traffic at the Expressway, a web portal and mobile app will be developed as well. It is important to note that the ITS is to be established for the first time in an Urban metropolis. After being set up, the system will smoothen traffic flow, boost safety level, curb the environmental impact and will increase quality and cleaner life in the city.

    • One acronym can have different meanings depending on the context. There’s no hard and fast rule that P2P will always mean peer to peer and nothing but.

  • weighing cars make no sense! I also wonder which Cameras we are talking about? Are the ones already installed by Safe City or all new ones?

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