Honda Increases Car Prices by More than Rs. 400,000

Just days after the federal government rolled out its budget for 2019-20, Honda Atlas (Pakistan) Limited (HACPL) has increased the prices of its cars by Rs. 400,000 to Rs. 425,000.

HACPL has issued an official notification which is available with ProPakistani. The document blamed continuous devaluation of Pakistani currency for the move.

“Due to Pak Rupee devaluation and owing to its negative exchange rate, HACPL is compelled to increase the price of Honda cars,” the notification read.

The revised prices of cars will be as follows:

Cars Current Prices New Prices  Increased By
Civic Turbo RS 3,799,000 4,1999,000 4,00,000
Civic 1.8L VTI CVT 3,199,000 3,599,000 400,000
Civic 1.8L VT SR CVT 3,399,000 3,824,000 4,25,000
City 1.3L MT 1,919,000 2,179,000 2,60,000
City 1.3L AT 2,059,000 2,319,000 2,60,000
City 1.5L MT 1,979,000 2,239,000 2,60,000
City 1.5L AT 2,119,000 2,379,000 2,60,000
City 1.5L Aspire MT 2,134,000 2,394,000 2,60,000
City 1.L Aspire AT 2,274,000 2,554,000 2,80,000
BR-V MT 2,284,000 2,589,000 3,05,000
BR-V CVT 2,434,000 2,784,000 3,50,000
BR-V S CVT 2,569,000 2,919,000 3,50,000


According to the notice, the new prices will be applicable from Monday, June 24th.

The new prices will apply on the bookings after June 19, cars booked before this date with full/partial payments shall be invoiced on the older rates.

The notification mentioned that the consignee stock present at the dealerships until June 22 can be converted/invoiced at current prices, while the remaining inventory will be sold at new rates.

That is not all; the company is also going to add government taxes (FED, customs duty, etc.) to the new prices and a revised price list will be issued on first July.

Here’s the notification:

    • bhai nach ke paisay hein ………. jo dance aap ne election campaigns mein dekha tha, now the awam is paying for it …… aur $ may be 300-400 tak jaye ……

  • Good thing. Our poor country can’t afford expensive cars and the imported fuel needed to run them. I hope Dollar continues its flight.

    I am not IK fan or in anyway affiliated to PTI. Just a sane Pakistani.

  • I’m not affiliated with any political party this is the consequences of money drained out from country for last several decades. No GDP growith, trade deficit ,intrest on huge domestic and foreign loan are root causes

  • Just to confirm and confused, I booked my car with initial amount and then balance on 5 April and 17 May respectively.My delivery is 31july 2019 almost 4 months.
    What price will be applicable in my case

  • Rs. 12 lakh in one year, is every thing dependent on dollar, what impact so called the Pakistani manufacturing or local cost of production have in this increase. Is government sleeping and let loose these assemblers do whatever they want, no control on prices.. It would have been better Pakistan to be a used car market rather than local manufacturing. Why we pay premium and support local manufacturers….

  • AOA Govt should pay attention to these companies more who have created a monopoly for a long time.we should learn from India how they improve their auto industry. Which is quite impressive.i also think the sole issue is corruption is also involved in this industry we all know this and for all those impatient blind Pakistani brothers and sisters we all know last 2 GOVT were the most noble and pious and yes they were not responsible for such a huge amount of loan deficit. let Imran Khan and ARMY clean this mass which was spread by Nawaz and Zardari may all help us all.

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