SECP Prioritises Development of Real Estate Investment Trusts

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) Chairman, Farrukh Sabzwari, met with a delegation of ISE Towers REIT Management Company Limited (ISE REIT).

It was led by Zahid Latif Khan, Chairman ISE REIT. The meeting deliberated upon a number of measures for the development of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). These included measures for ease of doing business, reducing the cost of doing business, regulatory and taxation reforms etc.

The meeting discussed issues related to cost associated with the transfer of property to REIT Scheme, permissible businesses, listing requirements, tax on dividend from REIT Scheme and capital gain tax.

Sabzwari welcomed the suggestions and assured of the SECP’s full support. He also briefed the delegation on the various amendments already introduced in the RIET Regulations 2015 focusing on simplified regulatory requirements, unit holder’s protection and industry dynamics.

‘’Major amendments in the Regulations, interalia, include the concept of private investors along with eligibility criteria to invest in REIT Scheme, the introduction of grace period for mandatory listing, enhancing RMC’s capacity to borrow and issuance of the right unit,’’ he added.

He further highlighted that the basic idea behind the said amendments was to promote ease of doing business and reducing the cost of REIT business. The revamped regulatory framework for REITs is likely to help in providing more conducive regulatory environment for the establishment of formal real estate sector in the country coupled with enhanced documentation in the economy.

It is expected that the above amendments in the regulatory framework for REITs would help in promoting formal real estate sector in Pakistan in particular and development of economy in general.

The SECP Chairman also proposed holding of a roundtable in the coming month to engage wider group of stakeholders for seeking proposals for development of real estate investment trust.

  • Thanks for consideration of the REIT segment which will certainly take off with your consideration, support and the Roundtable Conference, provided it be organised in Karachi. Time is due for the SECP to consider all support and a generic company for all in Pakistan should essentially be a customer of REIT.

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