Xiaomi Launches An Affordable Mijia Wireless Handheld Electric Mop

Mijia, Xiaomi’s sub-brand for smart home appliances, has been on fire lately with all the new home appliances it has been releasing. Mijia mostly includes products made by third-party companies partnered with Xiaomi.

One of the latest products from Mijia is the wireless handheld electric mop. Like all other Mijia products, the mop has a minimalistic design, yet the internals are powerful and efficient.


Mijia Wireless handheld electric mop borrows its minimalistic design from the Mi family. The mop is designed to be slim and stylish yet very portable and easy to use. It is equipped with a four-section splicing combination rod and has a curved design for better user control.

The device is designed such that the user can control it with one hand. The rod can be rotated at 180 degrees i.e. in case you want to clean under the bed, the mop can be bent right above the mopping unit at the bottom. Moreover, the tractor is only 4cm from the ground at its highest position. Hence, it can be easily flattened to clean under furniture.



Internally, the mop sports a high-speed motor that replicates the hand rubbing motion. The motor is capable of spinning the scrubber 1000 times per minute generating friction that helps in removing stubborn stains from the floor.

This Mijia Wireless handheld mop is also equipped with a fan-shaped water spray design for a wet rub in case ash and stains cannot be cleaned with dry rubs. The mop has dry, semi-dry and wet modes to choose from. Two types of mops are included in the package: disposable and reusable.

Lastly, the system comes with a 2200 mAh battery that is charged via the charging dock. Ones fully charged it can power the mop for 60 minutes.


Pricing and Availability

This Mijia wireless handheld electric mop is available at $72 in China, however, there’s now news on when it will be officially released in any of the other countries.

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