Afghan Supporters at World Cup Kicked Out for Beating a Pakistani Journalist

The World Cup match between Pakistan and Afghanistan turned into a battleground after Afghan supporters in the ground brutally charged a Pakistani journalist.

According to media reports, the charged Afghan crowd took the chanting of slogans too far and started hitting Pakistani fans. A Pakistani journalist, Makhdoom Abu Bakar, who tried to intermediate, was also brutally thrashed prompting the ground security to intervene.

Scores of Afghan supporters have now been thrown out of the ground for this pathetic behavior.

“Few of them were ejected from stadium by security; many invaded the stadium jumping the wall, occupying seats without tickets. Ugly scenes! Anti sportsmanship by Afghan fans. Disappointing,” wrote Faizan Lakhani, a renowned sports journalist on Twitter.

 It is a developing story and will be updated accordingly.

  • According to a CIA report Afghan started working against Pakistan since it’s creation. I have no idea why they have against us. We prevented their country from being occupied from Soviet Union and have taken the most Afghani refugees. What more do they want from us?

    • We should have let Soviet Union occupy them. Their refugees are committing crimes in our country. Big mistake. We taught these nomads and Bangali’s cricket and this is how they repay us? Pathetic losers.

  • They are not real Afghanis. They are RAW funded PTM terrorists. Nice article thanks for posting it.

    • Yes just like altaf doggi is a bloody terrorist that doesn’t mean all the citizens of karachi are also terrorist. Same as nawaz is terrorist that doesn’t mean all the punjabis from lahore and other cities are bad guys. In the same way PTM is terrorist militant outfit and playing Pashtoon card, they are “karaye ke tattoo” or “goons for hire” You can’t blame every Afghani for PTM terrorist cowards actions.

      • If PTM is terrorist then why Waziristanis voted for them, stood for them and following them? Why the establishment has not shown evidence of them being Indian agents to the public? Why generals assuring that their demands will be fulfilled? Do you even listen to “terrorists’ demands? ”

        Nawaz is terrorist, wow…you are really munna. He is corrupt, terrorist and worst guy in Pakistan because he challenged the illegitimate rule of military and its puppet Imran Niazi, guys like you make their “mind” from facebook and some establishment run channels. I’m sure you never read history or never look into the real story behind the story. A true example of low intellect common Pakistani.

        • Hahahahah Talking about history and intellect. Your History starts after 2013 you poor intellectual guy….
          NS is worse than dictators. What do you know about democracy??? Two families ruling the country one after the other. Same is happening in UAE, KSA Bahrain and QATAR, so no difference…… this is not democracy this is “saltanat”.

    • Then even ACB is not comprised of real Afghans, the Afghan government is not Afghan. Real Afghans must be resting somewhere in Venezuela

      • Yes they are installed by indian lobby. Karaye ka tatto har jaga available hote hai beta. Kashmir mein be karaye ke tatto hain jo IB ke liye kam karte hain. Afghan Taliban are real Afghani and real freedom fighters. Looks like you are also some random namak ha ram. Shame shame shame but people like u don’t have any shame.

  • This should be properly investigated if they were real Afghani’s or whether India has something to do with it.

  • We can clearly see the Indian propaganda against us. i think it’s time afghan government get replaced by Talibans and kick out India’s involvement in afghan.

  • Because they are good friends with India and BCCI, they are following their exact path. They both deserve each other. It’s better to have 2 enemies than 1 fake friend.

  • Real Afghanis love Pakistan and hate indian terrorist. I request Pak Army to help and install Afghan Taliban in Kabul and kick out fake Afghanis who were installed by fanatic indian lobby

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