Yamaha Increase Bike Prices by Up to Rs. 3500

Days after Pak Suzuki and Honda Atlas announced a hike in prices, Yamaha Pakistan also decided to follow suit. The company issued a notification in this regard on Tuesday evening.

It mentioned nothing about the reason for another hike; however; their dealers believe the fluctuation of rupee against the US dollar has a lot do with it.

Another dealer believed that the slow economic activities in the country had affected the sales, and this may have prompted the company to jack up the prices.


Toyota Increases Car Prices by Up to Rs. 830,000

These will be the revised prices:

YBR125G: PKR 153,000

YBR 125: PKR 147,500

YBR 125Z: PKR 130,500

The notification mentions that the revised rates will be applicable from today.


Honda Increases Car Prices by More than Rs. 400,000

The previous prices were as follows:

YBR125G: PKR 149,500

YBR 125: PKR 144,500

YBR 125Z: PKR 127,500

It should be mentioned here that rupee’s devaluation is causing a lot of damage to the automobile industry and has urged several automakers including Toyota, Honda, and Pak Suzuki to raise car prices in the country.