FBR Says Car Registration Taxes Have Not Been Increased

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), on Tuesday, strongly rebutted the perception that the rate of tax had been changed in the Financial Budget-2019 for the token payment and registration of cars.

After verification it was noticed that this misperception was due to a typographical mistake which was rectified in the Finance Act-2019, a press release by FBR said.

It added the rate of tax for the token payment and registration of cars was the same that was charged in the previous year and there was no enhancement or reduction in the tax rate.

FBR further added that no tax had been levied on private cars on the basis of seating capacity.

However, the people who have not filed tax returns will have to pay double tax than the people who are on the Active Taxpayer List (ATL).

Any person who thinks he is not eligible to pay tax can inform the FBR beforehand and they will be considered for exemption from this double tax.

  • Chawal Sarkaar, can’t even handle a simple task as a notification, and keeps on waiting to give a clarification till a mass hysteria is created in the already fragile economy. Worst of the lot this country has seen so far.

    • Agreed, they should improve on this part and should be proactive. Such thing shows incompetency down to up. Lower staff had made mistake and no once checked at top layer.

      Same NS Govt. did (much bigger) Elections Reforms Amendment Bill 2017 and on the edge of mass hysteria NA passes the bill to restore Khatm-i-Naboowat declaration to original form in Elections Act 2017

      These things are intolerable by all means.

      • Somehow you managed to bring Khatm-i-Naboowat into a piece of news which deals precisely with cars. Looks like PMLN govt did that bit right.

  • All ETO and post offices should be officially advised immediately. As for the past couple of weeks the payments have gone into a limbo. All token payers should be extended the courtesy of convenience of payment.

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