Man Declared Dead Comes Back to Life Just Before Burial

Bizzare happenings keep popping up every now and then in different corners of the world. After the mummy-man in Russia who was kept as food by a bear, there’s this man from Lucknow, India who woke up minutes before his burial after a private hospital had declared him dead.

20-year-old Mohammad Furqan suffered an accident before he was admitted to a hospital on June 21. He was declared dead this Monday, however, minutes before the burial, the deceased’s family saw the limbs move. It was a jaw-dropping moment for everyone present at the occasion as the family members couldn’t believe what their eyes were witnessing.

The mourning came to a halt as the relatives rushed to take him to a nearby hospital. Furqan is currently on a ventilator.

Furqan’s brother, Mohammad Irfan informed the media about the incident:

Devastated, we were preparing for the burial when some of us saw movement in his limbs. We immediately took Furqan to the Ram Manohar Lohia hospital where the doctors said he was alive and have put him on ventilator support.

Lucknow Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Narendra Agarwal has taken notice of the matter, saying that the incident will be thoroughly investigated.

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