Petrol Stations Violating “No Helmet No Fuel” Initiative in Rawalpindi

The district administration of Rawalpindi recently started a safety initiative, ‘no helmet, no fuel’, to prevent road accident fatalities, however, the same is being flaunted by multiple petrol stations, especially those operating in outskirts of the city.

The initiative was introduced by the administration in light of the Lahore High Court’s directives to ensure that bikers wear helmets. The administration imposed a total ban on selling fuel to bikers who broke this rule.

The few stations where the provision is strictly enforced, motorcyclists borrow a helmet to get the fuel and once that is accomplished, they resume their journey without the safety helmets.

The CTP is committed to enforce the guidelines set by the administration and they were trying to handle such complaints, said the spokesperson City Traffic Police (CTP).

He added that they had sped up the ‘helmet wearing campaign’ to spread awareness amongst riders about road safety and to motivate them to follow traffic rules.

Bin Ashraf, Rawalpindi Chief Traffic Officer, has advised the bikers to use helmets to prevent deadly incidents. He added that traffic wardens were levying fines on bikes without helmets as well as confiscating their bikes in case of rule violation. The reasoning behind this campaign was to safeguard the bikers and prevent road accidents.

Bin Ashraf added that bikers have been asked to repair any malfunctioning and broken parts on their bikes. H added that bikers flagged for driving such bikes will face fines.

However, the fines were not meant as a disciplinary measure but rather to motivate people to become more law-abiding, he added. Thousands of road users have been educated through the ongoing awareness campaign, he said.

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