This Service Can Save You Up to 20% in Vehicle Fuel Costs

Every time you drive your car, bike or even run a generator; carbon partials get deposited in the engine. This can be due to defected sensors, fuel quality, speed limits or even due to the exhaust gas recirculation system. These deposits lead to a number of problems for your vehicles, which include:

  • Increased fuel consumption,
  • Increase in engine noise,
  • Decreased acceleration and top speed
  • Higher chances of engine failure starting from worn-out rings, and
  • Increased level of pollutant emissions which are harmful to the environment

Motor Clean Private Limited Pakistan is a Pioneer in Hydrogen Engine Carbon Cleaning Technology in Pakistan, offering Engine Carbon Cleaning for all types of vehicles & generators and also offers Catalytic Convertor/DFP Cleaning. They currently have their operations live in Lahore and Islamabad.

What is Decarbonizing or Carbon Cleaning?

Decarbonizing or Carbon Cleaning of the engine is the process of removing carbon deposits from the main components and systems of the engine. Motor Clean Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning Machine consumes water and electricity to create hydrogen gas which feeds into the engine for the elimination of carbon build-up, decreasing the fuel consumption and increasing the power and performance.

What are Catalytic Converters and Why Clean Them?

For high-pressure automotive engines (almost all EFI cars), it is necessary for the manufacturer to install catalytic converter in the vehicle, not only protect the environment but also for the optimization of air-fuel mixture and hence optimized performance.

With the passage of time, catalytic converters get clogged with carbon and other deposits. It is therefore recommended to get catalytic converters inspected every 20,000KM and get it cleaned, if required, to prevent damage to the vehicle’s engine, as well as the environment.

Motor Clean uses automatic catalytic cleaning machines and specialized chemicals which ensure that the device is cleaned and optimized, without damaging any of its sensitive coatings and materials.

Bottom Line

Overall results from this activity include:

  • Up to 20% saving in fuel consumption,
  • Better engine performance,
  • Lower overall operational and maintenance (O&M) costs of the vehicle,
  • Extended engine lifetime,
  • Low vehicle emissions and reduced Carbon Footprints
  • More green, healthy & pollution free Pakistan

CEO of Motor Clean Pakistan:

We introduced this service looking at the trends of the Pakistan vehicle industry and how the vehicle owners can benefit from it. We are very pleased with the satisfaction level of our customers, and how they have become our advocates. We are also thankful to AutoSahulat, who are helping us increase our visibility and outreach. We welcome the vehicle owners to book a free checkup with us, and let us guide them on how much value we can give them.

AutoSahulat – Digital Partners of Motor Clean Pakistan

AutoSahulat is Pakistan’s premier digital marketplace for vehicle repair and maintenance. AutoSahulat customers can now get up to 30% off on services from Motor Clean.

AutoSahulat is a digital platform which registers vehicle repair service providers and allows vehicle owners to identify the nearest services, compare and rate them, contact them for roadside assistance and book appointments accordingly. It also gives the opportunity to Service Providers to advertise and launch promotions, allowing them to increase their visibility and boost their sales accordingly. Users can access the solution through their website (, mobile app, or via call center 0342-Sahulat (7248528).

AutoSahulat was founded by seasoned entrepreneurs Mohsin Amjad and Ghazanfar Iqbal; they graduated from Telenor Group’s global incubation in 2018 and were the first Pakistani team to be funded by Antler startup generator and VC firm based in Singapore. AutoSahulat recently won Industrial Champion 2019 award in Applied Entrepreneurship competition held by Pakistan Industrial Technical Assistance Centre (PITAC) operating under Ministry of Commerce and Textile Industry.

CEO of AutoSahulat:

With the rise of Digital Technology, we have seen how ICT has revolutionized major fields of the industry. Vehicle repair and services industry, however, has been lagging behind. We are working on not only providing convenience to the lives of the vehicle owners and drivers through a digital platform but are also educating and providing an opportunity to vehicle repair service providers to utilize these services and improve their businesses. Motor Clean is one of our premier Service Providers, whom we are thankful to partner with us, and allow us to provide attractive packages to our customers.

How to Avail Motor Clean Discount from AutoSahulat

To avail the discount offer at Motor Clean, users simply have to:

  1. Sign up using the AutoSahulat website: or the android application (AutoSahulat)
  2. Find the Motor Clean Promotion in the Promotions Tab
  3. Click on Avail Promotion and show the screen to the Motor Clean representatives

You can find more on Motor Clean through the following links:

  • AutoSahulat is operating in Lahore and Islamabad only? Can I avail its services in Karachi as well?

    • Few promotions are live in Karachi as well. It will be launched properly in Karachi InSha’ALLAH in the later part of this year

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