PIA Successfully Restores All of Its Grounded Aircraft

PIA is delivering on its promise and that too in the most cost-efficient way. Defying all criticism and all odds thrown its way, the national Airline is proving that where there is a will there’s a way.

Yesterday, CEO PIA AM Arshad Malik announced that Airbus A320 is all set to soar the skies after a year of being grounded. This is the second plane after the Boeing 777 to be made operational. This is a huge achievement for the airline and makes us proud as a nation, because resources from all over Pakistan were utilized to make the aircraft functional and no spare parts from any other aircraft were used.

What does this mean for the passengers? It means dedicated service to Hajj pilgrims and an increase in the number of cities PIA services. Hence, now the national airline is flying more people with reduced travel time and a smooth, comfortable travel experience with delicious meals in true Pakistani hospitality tradition.

There is no denying the challenges the airline faces, but under the leadership CEO Air Marshal, Arshad Malik who ordered to make all the grounded aircrafts functional soon after he joined, one can see that the airline is taking to higher skies. PIA asked for help from the Government of Pakistan for this purpose but no support could be provided, so PIA used its own resources to overcome the challenge at hand.

Following the timely repair of the two aircraft, PIA devoted solely it’s own fleet to carry out Hajj operations, smoothly transporting 47,000 people through 21 cities in just 5 days.

CEO PIA, Air Marshal Arshad Malik, congratulated the whole team, especially engineering, flight operations; finance and supply chain management on repairing the aircraft and announced award certificates for the amazing PIA Team working on these projects.

After the repair of Airbus BLV, no PIA aircraft remains grounded except for the routine checks.

We wish CEO PIA, the new management and Team PIA the best of luck and stand with them as they dedicate their efforts to fly the national flag higher in the skies!

  • AP-BKW and AP-BKZ are still grounded and they have been for 3+ months.

    Yet another article posted without any fact checking.

  • Any airline serving “delicious meals” should be a groundbreaking story. Is this article an advertisement?

  • Just look at the platform and the source. A clearly biased story, more than likely paid for by PIA. Their service and hygiene standards are atrocious. My partner and I both contracted food poisoning on our PIA flights to Japan. Absolutely destroying what was supposed to be a dream holiday. All of the long haul flights had major issued with toilets, (only one working for a full aircraft of 200 or more) and no handwashing facilities at all for either crew or passengers. Zero customer service presence in the UK and absolutely no after sales service. They’re a disgrace!

  • Wow… Infact previous B777 AP BHV made operational at the cost of grounding another B777 AP BID… Now same is the case here with Airbus 320…

  • InshaAllah PIA will rise again, Hats Off to the Honest CEO and PIA team.. People in PIA are hardworking, but its the leader who sets the mood and Pace.. Stay blessed..

  • Such a misleading tabloid headline. One plane has been made operational and work on another shall follow…

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