Suzuki Decreases Prices for Its Commercial Vehicles

Recently, the federal government revised the Federal Excise Duty (FED) on vehicles and it led to multiple car manufacturers revising their prices. Pak Suzuki has also reduced the prices of its commercial cars such as the Mega Carry, Bolan Cargo and Ravi with effect from the 9th of July 2019.

The company, in this regard, has sent out a circular to its dealerships. According to the notification, the prices have been reduced after some clarity emerged regarding the fact that commercial vehicles are exempt from the FED.

Earlier, on 29th June, the company had issued a notification through which it had increased the prices of its vehicles due to the devaluation of the Rupee against the Dollar coupled with the changes in FED by the government.

The revised prices after 9th July will see the Suzuki Ravi cost Rs. 941,000, down from Rs. 965,000 while Suzuki Bolan Cargo’s price tag has fallen to Rs. 990,000 from Rs. 1,015,000 and the Suzuki Mega Carry will cost Rs. 1,299,000 after a fall from Rs. 1,364,000. All these are ex-factory prices inclusive of 17% sales tax.

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