PIA Aircraft Escapes Disaster After Bird Strike Damages Engine

A plane owned and operated by the Pakistan International Airlines was hit by a bird during a routine flight. However, the pilot managed to show daring skill and landed the plane safely at its destination. Later on, a team of engineers repaired the damage within hours.

PIA’s Boeing 777-200ER, whilst undertaking flight PK-710 from Manchester to Lahore, was hit by a bird while landing at Lahore Airport. The incident occurred at 6:54AM as the plane landed safely in Lahore and the PIA personnel grounded the plan after discovering one of its engines had bird ingestion.

A team of engineers was dispatched from Karachi engineering base along with the spare parts and machinery needed to repair the aircraft, whereby the plane was repaired and dispatched for its next assignment after a delay of 5 hours.

Unfortunately, this had an impact on PIA’s flight PK757 from Lahore to London which was set to depart at 11 am from Lahore but departed at 4:42 pm.

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