Karachi to Lahore/Islamabad Flights Discounted by Rs. 25,000

With all the price hikes, the nation has been bearing the brunt of new taxation policies and rising inflation.

Air travel in Pakistan has become quite expensive in recent times, however, there’s good news. Fares for air tickets from Karachi to Lahore and Islamabad have been reduced significantly. The gap between supply and demand due to the closure of Shaheen Air and decreased domestic operations by AirBlue was the reason behind the recent increase in ticket prices.

The fares that were priced between Rs. 50,000-60,000 are now around Rs 35,000-40,000 and are expected to decrease further.

The addition of two new Airbus A320 planes in AirBlue’s fleet for domestic flights are being attributed to the decreased prices for airfares, however, there might be more reasons why the flights have been discounted. Airblue’s fleet now stands at 10 aircraft.

Via Geo

  • yesterday GEO had broadcast this news for PIA , but here you posted for Airblue ,
    Admin can you reconfirm thi sreport ?

    • Air fares have been reduced in general due to the inclusion of two new planes in AirBlue’s fleet.

  • the fares have dropped because Pakistani air space is now open for international flights, it was closed after the air strikes. Earlier, planes flying from lahore used to sly straight down to Karachi but since the escalation of tensions, planes had to detour towards the west and then fly down south to Karachi. Higher fuel usage and thus higher fares

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