Samsung to Launch Another Foldable Phone Next Year

At the start of this year, foldable smartphones were topic of the day every day. As much as the gadgets were hyped, the end result was not quite what everyone hoped.

Samsung, due to a quality-related issue delayed the launch of its Galaxy Fold by more than 2 months and Huawei still has mum lips about the whole matter.

Despite the fact that Samsung’s first foldable smartphone is yet to go on sale, reports have started coming in about Samsung working on Galaxy Fold’s successor already.

The reports cite Samsung’s Taiwanese suppliers as a source. Also, the next-generation foldable smartphone is expected to be launched in the first quarter of next year.

Moreover, unlike the first-generation Galaxy fold, the new foldable smartphone, according to the reports, will have a flip design and will be folded vertically rather than horizontally.

The reports further added that the smartphone will have a 6.7 inch display and the company will start sourcing components for the upcoming device in November.

As for the Galaxy Fold, the company has reportedly fixed the issues and is readying for a relaunch. Even though the date has not been confirmed, it looks like the smartphone will launch with the Galaxy Note 10 on the upcoming Unpacked event.