Redmi’s New Phone Will Have a 64MP Camera

2019 is the year Smartphones doubled down on cameras. We’ve been seeing the likes of 48MP cameras on even mid-range phones, and now, it looks like we’re going to see another major increase in camera resolution.

Redmi, the company that just split from its parent company Xiaomi, has teased a 64 MP smartphone on Weibo. The company shared an image of a cat on its official account and showed a zoomed in-section of the cat’s eye displaying crisp details.

We cannot say much about the sensor quality from this image alone since the real test of a smartphone camera comes in low-light situations.

Apart from this, the company’s general manager Lu Weibing also posted screenshots from the smartphone showing off its 64 MP modes. The post’s translated version reads, “Redmi’s first 64-million-pixel sample. Every detail is complete. The mobile phone officially entered the 64-million-pixel era!”

This is not the first time we’ve heard about a 64 MP smartphone camera from Xiaomi. Previously, XDADevelopers uncovered a few references of a 64 MP camera sensor in the MIUI camera app. However, we don’t know if the device teased by Redmi executives is the same that XDA uncovered.

It looks like Redmi is going to take the lead in releasing the world’s first 64 MP smartphone considering Samsung and Realme have been working on their own 64 MP smartphones as well. Realme’s CEO also shared a couple of samples of their upcoming 64 MP smartphone back in June, but we haven’t heard about the device since then.

If Redmi beats the other two smartphone manufacturers in releasing the world’s first 64MP smartphone, it will be huge for the company. Redmi has already been doing really well with its flagship K20.

  • Simply One question:
    Does more pixel camera improves picture quality?
    No. (in fact only pixelate your image, and produce large image. How much of you printed your smart phone image on A3, A2 page) In real life 24mp camera is more than enough. Why they not introducing variable aperture, some lens accessories.

    by the way for more pixelated camera, you are the only who ll pay

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