Xiaomi Launches a Touchscreen Feature Phone for $72

Last year, Xiaomi introduced its brand new Qin brand with the release of the Qin1 feature phone. The phone advertised exceptional specifications (for a feature phone) including 4G connectivity, AI, Wi-Fi and much more.

The Beijing based tech giant has now announced a worthy upgrade to its crowdfunding project dubbed Qin Multi Parent AI Assistant Phone (aka Qin AI Life).

The Qin AI Life comes with a 5.05-inch full-screen display. With an aspect ratio of 22.5:9, the phone appears to be way taller in comparison with regular smartphones. It has a polycarbonate chassis that weighs 105 grams and is 8.6mm thick. There’s no selfie camera at the front, but at the back, you get a 5-megapixel shooter.

You’ll find all of the physical buttons on the right side of the phone, whereas the left side only has a SIM card tray. These buttons include a power button, the volume rocker, and a dedicated AI independent wake up button. It uses a USB Type C port at the bottom for powering up the 2100 mAh battery.

It also has an infrared remote control function that lets you control home appliances from more than 12 categories and more than 100 brands. These devices include air conditioners, TVs and many other home appliances.

You can switch between two different modes with a single tap. The “Student Edition” includes all kinds of audio content resources from dictionaries and other learning tools for students. In “Parental Control” mode you are able to view smartphone usage time, talk-time, real-time positioning, and other information.

The Qin AI Life is available right now for crowdfunding for just $72.

    • Dear Usman please read only the subject carefully it is a feature phone not a smart phone.

      • It has android go version. This article is a copy of another one and it skips on many imp things.

    • It doesn’t have Android but an android go based OS non as mocor OS and the 2g variant has Nucleus Os also an android based OS

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