Bullseye Group Acquires Online Retailer Symbios.pk

Bullseye Group has acquired Symbios.pk, a leading e-commerce company from Pakistan.

The acquisition of the brand name, trademark, and domain will enable the Bullseye Group to break into the online shopping business and transform the fast-growing e-commerce sector of Pakistan. The group, having started in 2002, is a key player in the country’s marketing communication industry with specialist agencies in the activation, advertising, and digital spaces.

On the other hand, Symbios.pk was founded by Saad Jangda in 2006 – the winner of the MIT Global Growth Acceleration Award for Tech Startups – which has grown to become a top brand in the past decade.

Speaking about the acquisition, Saad Jangda said, “Average startup exit usually is in eight-12 years. When you start a company, it’s not only about yourself, but the support and prayers of the people around you, your parents, your family, and your friends.”

Symbios.pk was always an experimental and entrepreneurial company. It has been a wonderful journey and I have all the best wishes for the new management of Symbios.pk for a successful journey ahead.

Shoaib Qureshy, CEO Bulls Eye Group, said on the occasion,

We have been in the business of marketing and selling our clients products at different consumer touchpoints like TV, in-store or digital. So this is a natural extension of our capabilities as now we will be doing the same on our very own platform.

Symbios.pk soon would be coming with exciting new developments under our management at DigiBull, a new entity that we have created to manage the Symbios.pk brand. Our Symbios.pk customers can look forward to an even wider product selection, greater prices, improved delivery times and first-class customer service.

  • good that they exited but overall they got left behind when the big boys came in. daraz and now alibaba.

  • worst ever services by symbios.pk i have very very bad experience with symbios.pk and the major problem is if you order something on symbios.pk.. they leak your number with many advertsing agencies and after they will messages you on your number

  • Saad Jangda, Shoaib Qureshi, please wink unanimously only one eye, not bulls eye. Remember bulls never wink, others wink.

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