Google Launches a Lightweight Gallery App for Entry-Level Smartphones

At the recent ‘Google for Nigeria’ event, the search engine giant officially launched Gallery Go. It’s a lightweight photo gallery app that has many of the features from Google Photos in a slimmed-down package.

As Google Photos is a bit on the beefy side and needs a constant connection to the cloud, the Gallery Go remedies that with its small size and low-resource usage.

Gallery Go comes in at just 10MBs and brings in all the features of Google Photos without the need of an internet connection.

The small size of the app makes sure your storage space is allocated more towards the photos and less towards the app itself.

Gallery Go can automatically organize your photos, documents, and videos and there are quick editing tools such as auto-enhance, crop and rotate, filters, etc. The new gallery app is also compatible with SD cards, making it a lot easier to transfer your files.

Google Gallery Go is widely available on the Play Store right now for phones that support Android 8.1 Oreo or higher – which does feel like a bit of an oversight if the app is aimed at lower-end phones.

You can check out the app yourself by following this link.