Uber Launches ‘Check Your Ride’ Safety Feature in Pakistan

Uber has launched its new ‘Check Your Ride’ initiative to ensure the safety of the passengers. Getting the wrong Uber ride is a common problem. While the mistake is harmless more often than not, it still is a safety risk.

In order to prevent any untoward situation and augment its customer’s safety, the ride-hailing giant is jacking up its investment in technology.

It has been working on its safety measures for a while now. It introduced many safety initiatives like enabling the passenger to share their whereabouts with a loved one along with 24/7 support, GPS tracking of the trips, and background checks on drivers.

Now, it has decided to launch ‘Check Your Ride’ in-app reminders and push notification to its riders across the globe where Uber is operating, just as it did in the US in April.

This initiative will remind the rider to check the license plate, driver photo, and car/make model before starting the trip. The rider can also ask the driver to confirm his/her name, as the driver will be notified of the rider’s name on the app. Same goes for the driver, as he/she can also ask the rider about their credentials. This exchange will eliminate any confusion or misunderstanding about the ride.

These reminders can prove to be a lot more useful than one might think. A person who is in a hurry or unfamiliar with the app or service is very likely to forget confirming the credentials of the ride. These reminders will ensure that they get in the right car.

Apart from the push notifications as a reminder, there will also be Check Your Ride in-app banner. The rider will be able to see a clear message in the app, that will appear the moment ride is booked and remain till the trip is started.

The reminder will remain for several weeks and will be shown periodically after that.

  • Uber initiative is welcoming but that’s late. As its been in forefront in other regions for passenger/driver road safety. Today the large Chinese group announced taxi service and they’ve announced amazing safety tips, passenger rides etc., I’m sure theyll get good response from rides. It will also provide Uber how to optimise their rides.

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