Govt Approves Rs. 1 Billion Subsidy for Cheap Roti

The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) has approved a subsidy of Rs. 1 billion to reduce the increasing prices of roti (flatbread) in the country.

The subsidy will be provided to the hotel owners and Nanbais over gas consumption for baking rotis. The committee also decided to restore the gas prices to what they were in June this year.

The steps are expected to avert the prices hike of roti and naan.

The ECC mentioned that the subsidy is for local Nanbais and small food stalls/restaurants and that the commercial bakers and hotels cannot avail the facility.

Earlier this month, All Pakistan Nanbai Association had announced to increase the prices of naan and roti over increased gas tariff.

It is pertinent to mention that while chairing the cabinet meeting on Tuesday, Prime Minister Imran Khan had taken notice of the increasing prices of roti in twin cities. He had directed the authorities to crackdown against the undue hike of the prices and asked his economic advisers to take necessary steps in this regard.

  • Roti Corporation of Pakistan was formed by the 70s Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

    then came “Sasta Tandoors”

    and now “Subsidy for Cheap Roti”

    So every one since 70s is trying to solve the poverty issue by make shift arrangements

  • Wo Sub theek hai ” Par Roti Ki Price Hogi Kiya Ab ”

    Kuch Jagah Pe 8 Kuch Pe 10 Kuch Pe 12 Kuch Pe 15 Hai :

    Fix Rate Q Nahi

    1 Billion Kisko Transfer Hoga : Aur Kaise :

    Why Not to Arrange Some Biggest (Chai Wala Hotel) Arrange A Roti Apps to Arrange Home Delivery Roti Service)

  • Yeh sub kuch jab Shabaz Sharif karta tha tu PTI ko aag lagti thi. Ab pata chala aatay daal ka bhao!!!

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