OGRA Bans CNG/LNG For Public Transport

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has imposed a ban on the use of CNG/LPG cylinders in all public transport and school vans.

In a notification, the authority asked the provinces and IG Motorway Police to take action against vehicles using gas cylinders. It has called for immediate implementation of the orders under motor vehicle rule 199.

OGRA has also ordered an operation for the removal of gas cylinders from public transport and school vans. Punjab Transport Department had requested OGRA to impose the ban.


Sindh to Start Crackdown on CNG Cylinders in School Vans

In the past few months, fire accidents in public transport and school vans have risen because of gas cylinders. The transport department cannot check each and every public service vehicle operating on the roads.

Thus, the provincial government has asked OGRA to declare a ban on the use of gas cylinders in public transport.

“In order to ensure the safety of passengers and to avoid unpleasant incidents/ accidents this authority hereby conveys its concurrence to the request of banning CNG/LPG cylinders in public service vehicles,” reads the notification.

  • Salam.
    I have an suggestion regarding CNG Cylinders in Public transport and this can be used in other drives too.
    A Mobile application should be launched by the Govt. which can be used by the general public, in which people can launched complaint against the public vehicle, secretly. For instance, a passenger sit in the vehicle and see the cylinder, he opens the app and put detail of vehicle and there we go… The more complaints against a vehicle, the more chance of action against it.

    • So he should allow to continue children and other passengers getting burned alive in exploded CNG vehicles?

  • Ye tamam cylenders laboratory pass b karwa skte hn ap ye implement krwa lo na k logo ka nuksan

    • Would a laboratory pass cylinder not burst like a bomb during a collusion? Aap is ki gaurantee day do. Kiyon logon ki jaan kay dushman banay ho apnay 2 ruppay kay faiday kay liyain?

  • Aslam o alaikam
    Yeh bohat hi zalmana qadam hai…Pehlay careem aur uber nay public transport ki tabahi ki….aub bachi kasar hakoomat nay nikaal di….cng ko khtam karna hai to private aur public service dono main khatam kiya jaiy….iska matlab yeh hai kay cylender sirf public garri main hi phttay hain….private main nahin phat saktay.


  • سر آپ سب ان غریبوں پر ترس کریے جو سارا دن گاڑی چلا کر رات کو 500اپنے بچوں کیلئے لے جاتے ھے۔پلیز اور کوئی آج تک سلنڈر نہیں پھٹا۔

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