Xiaomi Launches a Pocket-Sized Smart ECG Wizard

Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform YouPin has been continuously pumping out new products. The latest one on the list is the Xiaomi HiPee Smart ECG Wizard.

The new ECG Wizard, as the name suggests, can monitor your heart rate in real-time right from your home. It is meant to be a compact device that can slip into your pocket with ease and it weighs just 33g.

To use the device, you need to press down both of your index fingers onto the pad and wait for it to get a reading. The results will then be displayed onto your smartphone via Bluetooth. The ECG reading displayed on your phone is quite easy to monitor.

If the device detects a defect in your heart rate, it will prompt you with a warning to seek immediate medical care. Also, all your heart rate readings are saved onto the device so you can consult a doctor.

The HiPee Smart ECG Wizard can detect abnormalities in your heart rate such as the atrial fibrillation. An abnormality which can lead to heart failure, strokes, clots, and other issues.

The device is being sold in crowdfunding at a price of $58.