NHA Bans CNG and LPG Fueled Vehicles on Motorways

National Highway Authority has officially banned LPG and CNG-fuelled vehicles on the motorways.

An official statement released by the authority restricts all such vehicles from traveling on the motorways. The authority mentioned that the move was aimed at ensuring the safety of passengers.

The Senior Superintendent (SP) Motorways said that the increasing cases of cylinder explosions has taken many lives. He said the decision was made after careful deliberation to minimize the risk involved.

The Motorways Security is trying to ensure the safety of all travelers using the routes; hence, the step was taken.


OGRA Bans CNG/LNG For Public Transport

It is pertinent to mention here that the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) had banned the use of CNG/LPG cylinders in all public transport and school vans earlier this week.

Following the orders, IG Motorway Police has started to take action against vehicles using gas cylinders.

Via ARY News

  • Only psv or all vehicles? How about cars who had already cng installed but running both on petrol and cng?

  • Time will come when this Govt. will ban all Civilians and their children and their vehicles from using motorway and all other basic facilities.

  • پٹرول 120 روپے لٹر ہے سی این جی 92 روپے حکومت یہ سہولت بھی ہم سے چھیننا چاہتی ہے ایک طرف ٹیکسوں کی بھر مار ہے دوسری طرف جو بچت کے ذرائیع ہیں وہ بھی وہ بھی ختم کرتی جارہی ہے۔ پ

  • CNG is a short-chain fuel, which has a lesser percentage of carbon as compared to petrol and diesel.

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