Here is What is Happening in Kashmir Right Now and Why

Amid blatant human rights violations, it would be right to call the Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) heaven on fire.

The war-mongering attitude of the Modi government has threatened the peace of the heavenly valley in clear violation of the United Nations Security Council resolutions.

What’s Going on in Kashmir?

According to the reports, around 40,000 troops have been posted in the IOK, Article 144 has been imposed and the local leadership has been put under house arrest. The educational institutes have been closed and the tourists have been directed to leave the region.

This comes in the wake of Donald Trump’s offer to mediate on the Kashmir issue, which has rattled the Indian government.

The local Hurriyat leadership has called on the United Nations and world leaders to intervene to save precious Kashmiri lives. Pakistan has also raised the issue with the United Nations Security Council. Reports have it that the Foreign Office in Pakistan is making efforts to seek Trump’s help in resolving the issue, otherwise, the situation will deteriorate further in the troubled valley.

The Indian Army also violated the ceasefire agreement as it used Cluster Bombs in Azad Kashmir, especially in Keran Sector in the Athmuqam district late last week. The cross-border firing has killed

As it seems, the Indian government is adamant to provoke Pakistan with such violations. Prime Minister Pakistan, Imran Khan called on the National Security Council meeting on Sunday where it was unanimously agreed to effectively respond to uncalled for Indian aggression on the Line of Control.

Article 370 Revoked: What Does it Mean?

All this is being done to revoke the special status of IOK, which safeguards the rights of Kashmiris. Indians could not buy property in Kashmir, the local government jobs were reserved for Kashmiris and the non-residents had no right to vote, however, this is about to change as India has passed the bill to abolish the Article 370 in a rushed decree by the Indian President. What it means is that the resolution doesn’t need any voting in Parliament and it will be directly implemented.

The security clampdown aims to restrict the resistance from Kashmiri freedom fighters as Indian Home Minister, Amit Shah, presented the resolution amid opposition’s backlash before the Parliament earlier today.

The security forces in the war-torn region have already killed more than 10 civilians in the recent crackdown. The troops are rallying on the streets of the disputed region, spreading fear among the locals. Indian government is trying to fully take over IOK before they are forced into talks for Kashmir’s freedom.

Kashmir No More Holds Special Status

The newly presented bill means that the Jammu and Kashmir has now been split into two regions: Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh, both of which will now be treated as Union Territories.

With Article 370 gone, Kashmir will no longer be a special territory rather it will follow the laws and regulations in place in the rest of India. Earlier, the region had its own Supreme Court, its own rules and whatnot, however, it will no longer be called a Muslim-majority autonomous region. With Indians able to buy property in the Himalayan territory, the anti-Muslim government wants to convert it into a Hindu-majority region by marginalizing Muslims.

The Indian media is feeding ordinary citizens with lies that the territory once belonged to Pundits and that they were thrown out of the region by Muslims. However, 2-3% of Pundits population controlled the territory without even having a majority.

Kashmiris/Pakistani Angered, Indians Ecstatic

In the last two to three days, the social media platform Twitter’s all top trends have been on the Kashmir issue. Today’s top 5 trends in Pakistan are #StandwithKashmir, #Article370, #KashmirHamaraHai, #KashmirParFinalFight, and #UNandOICsaveKashmiri.

Kashmiris will resist.

Indians are still being fed lies and fake news.

Kashmiris only want their right for self-determination.

The world has turned a blind eye towards oppression by Indians.

The situation is worsening further.

UN’s role is questionable.

These are some strong words.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments section.

  • As I conveyed earlier the whole Indian Nation needs a psychiatrist with some hope to get a piece of mind.
    Pakistan has always respected humanity far beyond the lines of Religion, Cast and Creed and Pakistani’s will continue to do so carrying on the motto of our founder Qaid-e-Azam.
    Whether you are from Afghanistan or India (Abhinandan) we respect humanity and will leave no stone unturned to discipline those who forgot the science of humanism.

  • Jang hony ja rahi hai babu….Yeh indians itny kush kiun ho rahy hain samjh nahi aa rahi. inferiority complex k mary indians hain. kashmir ko 3 parts ma divide karein gay 3 wars ho gi. koi arab country Pakistan ka sath nahi dega. iran,turk aur afghan se strong response mile ga because yeh jang Pakistan k liye nahi …Muslim umah k liye hai.

    • Naimatul ALLAH SAHA Bukhari Ne Kahat tha ” Choti Eid Se Bari Eid K Darmiyan Hindustaan Se Jang Hogi Jo 6 Saaal tak Jari Rahyga ”

      Now, It’s to Revenge (Kashmir Peoples Republic of Pakistan)

    • kis khush fehmi mian ho?
      ab ye foj jung ka qabil nahi rahi, sirf batain kar sakti hai.
      unhon ne kaam bhi kar deya, aur ye meetings hi kar rahe hain.

      Imran khan ne to sub Islamic tanzemo ko band kar ke apni gulami ka saboot bhi de deya hai!

      • khush fehmi nahi hai ….. humary liye sirf 1 option bacha hai aur wo War ka. Agar Wo b nahi karni to phir Palestine wala haal ho ga.

        • Bilkul Sahi kaha,
          Lakin ye to jung k liaye tayyar hi nahi.
          aur dosri taraf, india main dekhain, wo poori tayari se aagaye.

      • Ye Hai (Doooogi) FOJ Pe Bhhhokne Wale : Ghaaanta Pata hai Inko Kuch :
        War Sare Masle Ka Haal Nahi : Maan Lo War Kar DIYA
        Hum Jeet Gaye then What ??? Wahi Hoga Jo 1 & 2 WW Main Howa tha
        Log Apni Ghar Walo Ki Laaaasho Ki Khaynege Zinda Rehne K Liye :
        Her Faisla Aise Nahi Hota hai

  • Pak Army should take serious an action for Supporting to Kashmir :
    Islam K Mamle Main Hamare Sath Waissy Bhi Koi Ye Jang Hamay Akele Larna Hai

    • Inn Tillon Main Tayl Nahi Babu. They are only good for conquering their own people, politicians and democracy. Inn say naa ho paye gaa!

  • Today is one month and on day later. Why has there been no news about this? The only news I’m getting even from NPR is about the weather and China.

    Just for the record, I am horrified that India would do this. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Kashmir.


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