Mango Fest – A Mangolicious Delight by Packages Mall

Packages Mall invited all of Lahore to savour the flavour of mangoes by inaugurating its first-ever Mango Fest, an event dedicated to the king of fruits. The activity boasted mango treats and delights unlike any the audiences had witnessed before, from beverages to desserts, the festival had it all.

Packages Mall collaborated with Foodies ‘R’ Us and a number of renowned eateries to bring the entire activity to fruition, whereby they all came together to pay tribute to a fruit that’s loved by us all.

The event turned into a healthy competition for all eateries who got the opportunity to display their sweet creations to the audiences to feast upon.

The activity was judged by Asad Sheikh and the audience at large. With the help of the public vote, the winner ended up winning a prize of PKR 100,000 for their creative flair and hard work.

Yellow color filled the event space at Packages Mall, capturing the joy and delight of the people as they continued to indulge themselves in one flavorsome dish after another. From children to elderly; everyone was busy investing their time satiating their desires for mangoes. The success of the event once again validated the claim of Mango as the ‘King of Fruits’.